Kiko Milano Spree

I’ve been seeing over the last few weeks about the sales KIKO MILANO do and I had used their eyeliner before but couldn’t remember where I picked it up from so decided to have a little gander at the website and it sure did deliver. I was really pleasently surprised at the sale prices as the normal prices are already so reasonable and they always seem to have some sort of promotion or sale on. When looking over everything on the website I decided to go for a range of things and ended up with a total of 8 products although the lipstick and liner came as a set.

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I chose the eyeliner because I had used one of theirs before and really enjoyed it, I decided to challend myself a bit more and go for a more chunky liner so got the Deep Black Eye Marker. I’m so pleased with it, although it’s a bit scary-looking due to it’s chunky appearance but it is so easy to use and I made fewer mistakes than when I use a thinner nib. This was a bargin at only £2.70 reduced from £7.90 which is still a reasonable price!

The problem that I have is small eyes and because of this I am always looking for things that make my eyes look bigger. I think a thinner eyeliner probably does a better job at this but I love the thick pen so much I will use it anyway! When I was playing around it made the finishing touches of such a lovely 60’s make up look so I might start doing that a bit more just for a bit of fun!

I also decided to go for a couple of their blushes purely because the colours looked so pretty and amazing and I think they are really wearable colours for spring/summer looks so I’m excited to start wearing! The one I am most intrigued by is the blush from the Rebel Bouncy Collection as it’s a beautiful coral colour.

I will be testing these out and experimenting with different looks with the blushes over the next couple of weeks so I will keep you posted!

Have you made any KIKO purchases, what are they?


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