Superdrug Style Expertise Hair Prodcuts

Not so long ago on a little drugstore haul I was browsing the hair section in Superdrug as you do and I came across a small range of products I hadn’t seen in there before. I usually really like Superdrug own brand products as they’re normally sensitive-skin-friendly and they are cruelty free. They all seem to be numbered I think it’s 1-11 but don’t quote me on that and they are all tailored towards different things. I picked up the number 3 which is the Blow Dry Straightening Crème and the number 6 which is the protecting heat styling spray. I decided to go for these in particular just because that’s what I was looking to replace. If I’m honest I’m not the kind of girl that puts 100% into my hair everyday and this is mainly because I can’t do hair, I really do look like a 7 year old that has just had a full on busy day at school – it’s bad. However, I still always use a heat protector when I blow dry my hair, that is since I started blow drying my hair!

Since the summer I have been loving L’orèal Paris Hot and Smooth Straight cream. I find it nice to apply and it never fails to make my hair feel better than it looks! As much as I like this I have a short attention span and get a bit bored now and then which is why I decided to mix it up a little!

WP_20160207_11_40_22_Pro (2)

Superdrug Hair Protectors


I was so excited to try these out and see if these had what it takes to tame my mane I in fact washed my hair when I got in just so I could use them. My hair’s in good condition now that I haven’t dyed it for a couple of years and I get it cut around every 4 months. I don’t know if you are meant to get it done more or less often but my hair is so long I just end up feeling bad for the hairdresser when I tell her I only want the ends off and the poor woman is practically laying on the floor to get to the ends!

Getting back on track – I went for the spray as I knew I was only going to be at home for the rest of the day so wouldn’t actually be doing anything extra than drying it. I sprayed mainly to the ends and then gently ran my fingers through my hair just because I don’t like the feeling of brushing wet hair! When it was completely dry I ran my fingers through it again and I noticed not only did it look frazzled it was quite sticky and I didn’t use an excessive amount so I was a bit disappointed by this one and I haven’t used it since.

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Texture of Style Expertise Straightening Crème

I did get over the initial disappointment and move on to the Blow Dry Straightening Crème . I put a small amount into my finger tips, rubbed it together and ran it through the ends of wet hair and dried as normal. It’s quite thick and slightly tacky to touch but I feel like this worked so much better with my hair, it dried nice and kept the frizz at bay and it smells good which is always a bonus, so I will be using this one again.

What drugstore heat protectors do you recommend? Do you have problems with sticky hair products?


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First Impressions – Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser

Forgive me if this is outdated and not relevant to anything but I have only recently just had the pleasure of coming across this beauty….


This has literally changed my life and for the better! When I came across this I was casually minding my own business with no intention of doing any shopping but I just couldn’t resist this revolutionary item and what’s more, it was on offer! Although I thought it amazing, I was slightly skeptical; How could there be THAT much moisturiser inside? Would it spray too much? Will it even work? Well this has truly exceeded my expectations.

Packaging  – I really like the bottle itself and it seems to hold plenty in it and is an easy-use moisturiser, you honestly don’t have to worry about dipping your fingers in and spreading germs or it getting under your nails it just simply sprays on just the right amount ready for you to rub in. The only thing I have negative to say about the packaging it that when you move the cap to close it, a small amount of product sort of gets left behind but it seems to dissolve after a while as I haven’t noticed it when I next use it again.

          Cap                       WP_20160202_19_41_38_Pro [197501]

Product – As I said earlier this is so revolutionary to me! I can’t believe I’ve not found this sooner. It sprays on the right amount and you just rub it in gently, my skin seems to absorb it so easily and evenly and it’s not greasy at all. A couple of times when I have been running late I have grabbed the bottle, sprayed, rubbed it in and I’m ready to go. It smells lovely and fresh and I feel like it would be such a good thing to have on holiday because its definitely a no-fuss product.

I know I will absolutely be buying this again and I wouldn’t even be surprised if I relied on it in the summer! What do you use when you are busy and on the go?

A- x


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