Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection

I saw this collection a few weeks ago on twitter and as soon as I saw it I fell in love and had to have some of these lovely bits. For me, the palette in this collection has the ultimate summer colours. It’s beautiful. I bought two of the lipsticks, the eye shadow palette and one of the cheek gel sticks.

First lets talk about the eye shadows because this is definitely my favourite product in the collection. The packaging of the outside box is beautiful and reflects the product inside perfectly. There are 12 shades inside and they all have a pastel undertone to them with some having a lovely shimmer added too. I would say it depends how confident you are on whether you could create a whole eye makeup look with this palette but I am so looking forward to having a play around with it.

IMG_0178 (2)

Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection Palette 

The majority of the eye shadows are really nicely pigmented but there are a couple that don’t come up so well. I really like how fun and playful they are though. These kinds of colours would be perfect for festivals and summer parties as well as everyday wear.

I also bought one of the Sweet Cheeks Gel Blushes. I got mine in the shade Hullabaloo and it’s really beautiful. It’s the perfect kind of rosy pink for my cheeks and I can really see myself using it a lot over the summer. This is so pigmented and because it’s a gel formula it blends really nicely and is so smooth.

IMG_0239 (2)

Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection Cheek Stick

The packaging is really nice, small and compact so this would be ideal if you needed to top up throughout the day. However, mine has actually broken! If you follow me on snapchat (pamperedprune) you would have already seen what happened but basically I unscrewed the whole thing to see how much product there was and now it won’t go back down again! I have no idea why but it’s stuck so I’ve just left the cap on the top so it doesn’t dry out or something!

I also bought two of the LIP-VIP lipsticks from the collection. I have never been so excited to try out a lipstick in my life! They are semi matte lipsticks and the colour is so vibrant they would literally brighten up any makeup look. Again the match the collection in the sense that they are without doubt summer colours and I can’t wait to test these out this week! Once I have worn them lots and can form a proper opinion on them I am totally going to be writing up a single review on these little ones!

What are you most excited about from this collection?



Sleek Matte Lip Cream

I’m a bit late to the party but the other day during a little shopping trip I picked up one of the Matte Me Lipsticks in the shade Petal which is only £4.99. I don’t usually wear matte lipsticks because I like more creamy formulas that don’t dry but I love the colour of this one so thought I would give it a go. I’m so glad I did because I just love it.


I love the packaging of the Matte Me lipsticks. It’s smart, basic and you can see the colour of the product through the plastic. For me it’s a lovely size to be able to pop in my bag and not worry about. This is a personal preference but I love the sound and feeling when the lid clicks into place.

WP_20160320_11_11_44_Pro (2)

Staying Power

I decided to swatch this before I wore it just in case I didn’t like it and it dried so nicely I was actually quite impressed. It also stayed on for ages and I couldn’t even wash it off without scrubbing which I like because it means  it’s going to last on my lips without me having to worry about it flaking away. I wore this when I went out for some drinks and it stayed all evening even though I had quite a few glasses of wine and it never left my lips.


I found it dries fairly quickly and didn’t cause me a problem because I put it on before my mascara and I don’t know about you but doe some unknown reason I always do that with my mouth open… Does anyone else do that?? The swatches below show the colour and texture before and after it drying which I thought was important to show that it doesn’t change at all other than obviously loosing the shine as it dries.

When applying the lipstick I would say you definitely need do two coats and not really swish it about because it could possibly end up patchy in places. Also, as with all matte lipsticks I feel like if you’re having  day with particularly dry lips it will cling to the dry places so I personally would avoid wearing it on those kind of days and stick to a balm, creamy lipstick or even a gloss.

The Applicator

The applicator for the Matte Me Lipsticks is a dofer and if I’m honest it’s a bit too big. When applying it to my top lip I found it a bit difficult to stay in the lines and not go over because you can’t hold it at an angle easily due to the dofer being so long and it’re more rectangle than round so for me it just made it that bit more difficult but nevertheless I’m still very much in love with these lipsticks at the moment.

WP_20160320_11_10_57_Pro (2)

Overall, I do like these a lot especially this one as it really is the colour of a rose petal so the name is just perfect for this lipstick and think I will be purchasing another one in the colour Party Pink next! These are for sure Spring colours so I will really enjoy wearing these the next couple of months!


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