L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Trio Review

Face masks. There’s nothing better in my opinion, there’s always one to make your day better somehow. I can’t imagine a relaxing evening without putting on a face mask and putting up my feet. When my skins going through a bad patch I turn to masks to sort my face out. With L’Oreal coming out with these three there is a little bit of something for everyone and their needs.

IMG_0964 (2).JPG

Pure Clay Purity Mask 

The first one I am going to talk about is the Purity Mask. This was the first one out of the trio that I tried and I am thoroughly impressed with how it left my skin looking and feeling. The smell of all of this mask is quite strong but not overpowering at all, it’s more of a herbal/spice kind of scent which is nice and relaxing. The consistency of the product is fairly thick but not too hard to spread a good amount over my whole face. The box says it contains enough for 10 applications but I think I will get more out of it and for £7.99 that’s not bad at all!

Pure Clay Glow Mask 

This is my least favourite mask out of them all. This contains ‘3 pure clays and red algae’ which is nice but the scent of this one is quite overwhelming and doesn’t really fade once on my skin which is the main reason I’m not keen on it. The texture of this one is really granulated which makes it dry harder than a usual mask. When I wash this off it always feels horrible and scratchy on my face which I don’t like. My skin is always smooth after this one but I don’t think I don’t see myself buying this one in the future.

Pure Clay Detox Mask 

This is my absolute favourite and pretty up there against my other mask favourites too. The Detox Mask leaves my skin looking and feeling so smooth and hydrated and every time I use it it’s as if I have used an expensive spa product. This one smells amazing and includes charcoal which always leaves my pores looking detoxified and smaller so I use this a minimum of once a week but it recommends using it 2-3 times a week although I do think that is a bit excessive. Not only do I see an immediate effect on my skin the next day it’s so lovely applying makeup there’s no dry patches or breakout and I always have a perfect base after using it.

IMG_0701 (2)

Overall I would say if you could only buy one of these masks it would be the Detox Mask just because of how well it works for me and my skin. The good thing with all these masks is that they can either be used individually or used for multi-masking on areas that need special treatment so I think it’s definitely worth trying them out!

Have you tried any of these masks? What are your thoughts?


*Products in this post have been sent to me for the purpose of reviewing but all opinions remain my own.


Hot Holiday Skincare Tips

I’m not really a summer holiday kinda person but I have lived in a warm country during summer months so know how much it can effect my skin. This post is going to be a few things that will hopefully help keep your skin hydrated and looking its best during the warmer months. The way the weather has been in England recently you don’t even need to go on holiday for this to apply to you!

Firstly, you might be sick of reading this one everywhere but I really can’t stress enough how important it is. Drinking enough water. You need more water when it’s warmer because your body is using more. I really notice during the day if I haven’t had enough to drink because my lips get so dry they begin to crack, I tend to get more headaches and I just don’t feel as energetic because I haven’t had anything refreshing to drink. If you’re abroad make sure you keep to bottled water too because we aren’t used to the same bacteria that is in other water.

Wearing SPF. The skin on your face is delicate and it needs protection from the sun so if you don’t like wearing suncream on your face I would recommend wearing moisturiser with SPF or makeup with SPF. Not only does it keep your skin protected it stops it from drying out too. This is a toss up between No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream or the Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser with SPF 30 in.

IMG_0517 (2).JPG

Washing your face in the morning and evening. This might come across as a ridiculous suggestion because it’s so basic but it’s easy to forget when you’re not in your usual routine of doing things. I would choose one really good reliable cleanser that you know you like. Mine would be the Ren Gentle Cleansing Gel   because I know this one never lets me down and is perfect for potentially sensitive skin.

When I’m away for anything longer than 1 week I take either a mini or sachet facial mask. Doing a mask is part of my skincare routine so why should it be any different when I’m on holiday? Make some time one evening and carry out a relatively normal skincare routine for you, whether this is a 3 step cleanse, mask or just taking more time on cleansing and hydrating your skin from the outside.

Those a just a few things I think about skincare wise if I’m going somewhere hot of jsut generally through the summer. Do you have any that you always stick to?


IOMA Paris 7 Days Rituel

For the past week I have been trying out the Ioma Paris 7 Days Youthful Moisture Cream for day and night. I received this in a beauty box and I had never heard of this brand before. After a couple of days of using it I decided to look it up and see how much it was and I think it’s fairly expensive at £7.20 for 7 little 1ml pods but it was ‘free’ so I’m glad I’ve tried it.

These are designed to keep your face moisturised for both the day and night but I have been applying this in the evening after I’ve done my skincare routine. The pods themselves look really small but I was surprised by how much product there is inside; there’s more than enough to use on my face and neck and some is left over.

IMG_0206 (2).JPG

The cream itself doesn’t have a strong scent which is nice because I don’t like things on my face that are too strong-smelling in the evening. The texture is fairly greasy and I found it does need rubbing in a bit more than some of my other moisturisers but I think that’s probably because it’s designed to last through the night and day.

After using this for a few days my skin does feel a lot more hydrated but I do have to keep to skincare routine or my face does get too greasy. I would say this is the only downside because when I don’t have time I don’t always do a full routine so I probably would only use this if I was staying away for a few days. It’s ideal that they are in little pods if you’re going away for a week or even to use over a couple of days because you can tear off each of the pods.

IMG_0210 (2).JPG

Over all I don’t think I would repurchase these for everyday use but I have enjoyed using these no-mess, individual, highly moisturising creams.

Have you used any IOMA products?


The Body Shop Vitamin C Day Cream

I am very much into day creams and I’m so glad that I decided to purchase this one. If I’m honest the only reason I bought it is because I was running out of my Ole Henriksen truth serum and it was bought out of sheer panic but I’m really happy that I did, it has so many good qualities.

WP_20160501_10_45_02_Pro (2)

When I first tried this day cream I hated it. Everything about it just screams sun  cream but after using it for a while now I’ve grown to love it so much. The texture of cream is really thick but it absorbs super quickly on my skin but also spreads evenly as the same time. I have been putting this on under my foundation and I swear it is this that has been making it last throughout the day so well. I wouldn’t use this under makeup if you don’t like a glowy look just because it does still keep a kind of sheen under the surface.

One of the amazing qualities this product has is that is contains SPF 30. For me this is a massive plus for a day cream and you know you are going to stay protected from the sun and weathering on you face. I think of it as almost like a quick fix as it instantly moisturises my face, mixed with a long term protector as it will prevent aging from the sun.


As I said above, I wear this under my makeup and I actually wouldn’t want to wear it without makeup. My reason for this is that it leaves my face really quite shiny and sometimes depending on what kind of skin day I’m having it stings from the vitamin C and can make my face look slightly red and flushed for a little while but it goes eventually.

I love the smell of this cream! It has such a zesty summery scent and I always think of summer every time I put it on! I would say if you don’t like scented things on your face then this probably isn’t for you but it’s not something you can smell after a little while once it has sunk into your skin.

 Once this tube finishes I know that I will be replacing it with another one just because my skin seems to LOVE vitamin C products. Since I have been using my vitamin C serum and day cream every day my under-skin spots and red patches really have faded so much I even get compliments on how flawless my skin looks now which always shocks me! This is also a much cheaper alternative to the Ole Henriksen serum which is a plus for when I can’t afford it!

Do you use any vitamin C face products? Let me know what they are!


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Latest in Beauty Box – First Impressions

I have a love/hate relationship with beauty boxes but also have an addiction to trying out new things so I decided to try out the Latest in Beauty Soft Skin BoxOne thing that pulled me towards this one was that it is contains all skincare products which is my number one all time thing that I love over everything!

WP_20160428_18_49_39_Pro (2)

First of all lets talk prices. This box was £20.00 plus p&p and I am so happy with it because I really think it’s good value for money. I’m mainly comparing this to my experiences with other beauty boxes and although this is a one-off-box it has such a range of products and brands that I am really excited to try. I personally prefer to pay more for something like this than pay for a cheaper one and not be as excited about all the products in there.

What I love about these types of things is that it enables me to discover new for me brands that I never would have known about before. I have also discovered things that I never knew could eve exist such as the Anne Semonin Ultimate Solution for Dark Circles and Puffiness Ice Cube!  I love ideas like this and finding things to experiment with and potentially use in my every day life.

WP_20160501_08_49_20_Pro (2)

One thing I am a little disappointed about is that there is no leaflet or anything in the box to explain about each thing or how much the products are in full size. I do think that I will definitely try more of their boxes though and even make my own which looks really interesting!

Have you ever tried a Latest in Beauty Box?


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March & April Favourites

As it’s the end of another month I have decided to write up my favourites. I’m only going to do this every other month and combine the two together because I just feel like I’m a hard girl to impress! No really though, I just think sometimes when I try a new product or discover something new one month just ins’t enough time for me to really make anything a favourite! I have a little bit of everything to talk about so just read on…

WP_20160430_12_21_34_Pro (2)

Lets start off with something everyone here has heard of and knows about. The Garnier Micellar water. I love this and I really can’t get enough of it. It has taken me about three months to get through a whole bottle but it is amazing at taking my makeup off with no mess at all and keeps my skin super soft! This is so cheap as well especially for how long it lasted and it is always on offer somewhere too! They also do a smaller travel size which is so convenient – this is something I would really recommend.

Something I have been loving that was completely new to me a little over a month ago is by Crabtree and EvelynI have been using the Pomegranate, argan and grapeseed hand cream and it is so amazing. Not only is it so moisturising but the smell is just so good. I can’t even describe it, it’s just glorious! Every time I use this which is mainly in the evening before bed, it absorbs really quickly and never leaves behind that horrible oily stickiness you sometimes get with hand creams. I will definitely be buying a full size one when this little one runs out.

WP_20160306_13_33_13_Pro (2)

A lipstick I have been seriously swooning over is by Kiko – seriously go check it out. I recently did a post on this so I won’t ramble on too much but it is hands down my favourite Spring lipstick. I always get people asking me what it is because it’s such a lovely shade of pink and really subtle at the same time so I literally wear it everywhere I go.

This one is going to sound pretty ridiculous but I have a favourite shower gel! I said it. I bought the Yogi Flow shower foam when I was on holiday last month in Barcelona and this is honestly amazing! The scent of this is really gentle and relaxing and I love using this when I shower in the evening because I find it really calming especially that it is a lovely foam too it just makes showing so easy and enables me to unwind.

IMG_0130 (2)

So that’s pretty much a round up of all the beauty things I have been loving recently! Let me know your thoughts on any of these or what your favourite thing has been these past couple of months!


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REN Gentle Cleansing Gel

I love cleansers and trying out new one and I have been wanting to try some REN products for ages but didn’t know what to get so I just got the REN Gentle Cleansing Gel to try out from Look FantasticI didn’t want to go all out and purchase a complete set or anything because I didn’t even know if I would like it or get on with it. I just knew that I see it a lot on instgram and other blogs.

I must say I am so glad that I decided to give it a go because it really is the most gentle thing I have ever used on my skin before. I normally go for cleansing milks or balms so this is a really nice change. I only use this in my evening skincare routine as a second cleanse but it is so calming and lovely to use. My mum even likes this and she has very sensitive skin and is very fussy about what she uses on her face, so that’s saying something!

DSCN0261 - Copy

I love that this is free from a lot of the not so good things such as mineral oils and parabens. It’s probably because of this that is why it makes it such a gentle cleanser and so suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Each time I use this no matter what kind of skin day I’m having, it leaves it feeling so refreshed and moisturised. I never get that tight skin feel after using this, it literally always feels silky smooth and beautiful afterwards and the main reason for this I think is because it’s a gel. With this you rub 1-2 pumps between wet finger tips and then rub into the face. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not used to gel cleansers or what but it’s the best feeling ever!

The packaging of this is really nice and makes it feel like such a luxury product. The pump itself is really lovely and easy to use which keeps it clean which is what always concerns me with products like this – there’s nothing worse than a messy cleaner or moisturiser. It is a bit more expensive than drugstore but not drastically. I think it’s so worth the price too because you need such a tiny amount it will last a good few months that’s for sure. The scent of this is also so good but not strong at all which I really like, especially that I use other products after this too.

DSCN0266 - Copy (2) - Copy

I am definitely enjoying using this and know that I will be purchasing some of this lines other products soon too. I have my eye on the Clarifying Clay Cleanser so really can’t wait to try that and I’m super interested to try their moisturisers based on how well I get on with this gel.

Have you tried any REN products? What’s your experience using them?


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