My Everyday Make Up Items

Confession time – I went through a phase of literally rolling out of bed, putting mascara on and pretending I was ready for the day but then I felt like this simply wasn’t good enough. I have since kicked myself into gear and adopted a decent routine that doesn’t take FOREVER. Although admittedly I think doing my make up only used to take forever due to the fact I never actually used to wear any…which put me off even more! However, this is no longer the case….

I tend to shower in the evening as I prefer to relax afterwards so this is when I do the majority of my skincare. By doing this, it means that I don’t have to rush in the morning to do anything but I do use the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap which is so quick, easy and freshening before I apply my make up.

I’ve found my foundation goes on so much nicer when I mix it with my moisturiser so I usually tend to do this by mixing them together on the back of my hand and then rubbing it onto my face with my fingertips. As I have dry skin I find this works so much better for me than brushes or beauty blenders when I’m having a particularly dry skin day. My favourite concealer to cover up blemishes and spots is the No7 Match Made Concealer  in the shade Cool Ivory. The packaging of this is really nice but I wouldn’t recommend just applying this product directly your face as it’s quite stiff so I use my fingertip to apply it as it warms it up and makes it easier to spread. After applying a base I dust over with the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed power as I find it makes everything stay in place better.

No7 Concealer

No7 Match Made Concealer 

I don’t know why but I hate the feel of my lips when I’m putting on make up so after I’ve put foundation on I always pop on some Vaseline whilst I am applying the rest of my make up. I find this also makes my lips feel so nice and soft before putting on lipstick which is normally one from the Kate Nude Collection for Rimmel.

As a highlighter I have really begun to like Collection’s Illuminating Touch Concealer I just put some on my forehead, bridge of my nose, under my eyes and on my chin and I find blending this in with a beauty blender works so well to lighten up my face. It’s a lovely consistency and the brush applicator makes it so easy to use.

Collection Highlighter

Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer 

I mix and match bronzers and blushers but one that has never let me down is Clinique blushing blush in bashful plum. This is so nice and rosey and pink and gives such a nice glow. It’s so pigmented you only need such a small amount it lasts forever! I am so desperate to try out their new cheek pop blush.


Clinique Bashful Plum Blush

I never used to be into eye shadows but since I was given the Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Trio  (I could not find this anywhere other than here ). This really got me into eye shadow and is so easy to use. When I am running late I use this beauty to just get myself out the door! One of the reasons this is so easy to use is that it actually has written instructions under each shade and I always use all three. This has got to be my favourite make up product of all time I love it that much! Keeping with eyes, I haven’t really found a mascara that I am 100% happy with and I have just purchased the Maybelline Falsies Push UP Drama Mascara but I use either the Maybelline Colossal Mascara or No7 Lash Impact Mascara  as these are the ones that seem to make my eyes bigger but even though I have tried a fair few, I am still hunting for one.


Clinique Eye Shadow Trio

Even though this is a long post, I promise this really only takes me 20 minutes at most and is really a get ready for work/school/everyday any day routine! Let me know what your quick make up bits are and if you have any tips that bring out the best in them!

A- x

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