Mini Face Mask Reviews

If there’s one thing I love during a pamper session it would have to be face masks, closely followed by body scrubs.

I love mixing up my face masks just because I use different ones on different days and I vary them depending on how my skin is. I have really dry skin on my face which is sometimes all over or in very concentrated patches which can be embarrassing when your face starts going disgustingly crusty by mid-day. I tend to do moisturising masks mostly with deep cleansing ones once or twice a week. these reviews are in no particular order and there will be a second part because I don’t want to bore you for too long!

No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask 

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I literally love everything No7 and when I first picked this up I was so excited to try it. No7 are one of the only brands that actually get rid of my dryness around my face and neck area so I had great expectations for this especially as this is a warming mask which I normally love. However, I was really disappointed by this mask as it was so drying and left my skin feeling as if everything had been sucked out of it. One thing I must mention is that every time you use it really shake it up for a couple of minutes because otherwise it comes out liquidy at first. I feel like this might be better for someone with oily skin as it just really didn’t work for me which could be down to my skin type but I’m not sure.

Good Things Five Minute Facial – with Superfruit extracts Avoccado and Goji Berry  WP_20160309_20_05_56_Pro (2)

My sister got me this and I tried it the same day she gave it to me and it was seriously so lovely to use. It says it’s free from parabens, mineral oils and animal ingredients which I really like too. This is a real does what it says on the tin product and would be really good to use if you are in a rush but still want to do a face mask. The texture of this is quite a lot thinner than other masks and when applying it almost feels like a cream but begins drying really quickly. This smells so good and it was really refreshing and minimal mess which I always like and my skin felt so soft and looked revived too. I will definitely be purchasing this when it’s ran out.

Superdrug Hydrating Moisture Mask    

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As you know by now my skin is dryer than a desert so anything that adds moisture is always going to be something I am on the look out for. I picked up three different ones of these masks as they were only about £2.00 and I knew I usually love Superdrug products. I have used this a few times and I like it but I must admit its not my favourite. This isn’t one that is meant to be washed off but the packaging advises that you ‘pat remaining residue with a tissue’. I think this was just something I expected to really sink into my skin and it just didn’t, it just sat on my skin and felt like a film which is not a nice feeling. I will probably use it up so it doesn’t go to waste and it hasn’t caused any break outs or anything but I doubt I will be buying this again.

Superdrug De-Stressing Aloe Vera Mud Mask   

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I picked this one up along with the mask mentioned above and one of the reasons I wanted this was because it has aloe vera. My mum uses aloe vera for everything –  burns, bruises, bites, rashes, dry skin. Although this is for normal to combination skin I got on with this really well and really enjoy using it. I love the way it feels when it’s on and so far every time I have used it afterwards it has made my skin feel so lovely. The scent of this is so relaxing and is lovey in general.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these masks before and what you think of them! Part 2 to follow soon!


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