L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Trio Review

Face masks. There’s nothing better in my opinion, there’s always one to make your day better somehow. I can’t imagine a relaxing evening without putting on a face mask and putting up my feet. When my skins going through a bad patch I turn to masks to sort my face out. With L’Oreal coming out with these three there is a little bit of something for everyone and their needs.

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Pure Clay Purity Mask 

The first one I am going to talk about is the Purity Mask. This was the first one out of the trio that I tried and I am thoroughly impressed with how it left my skin looking and feeling. The smell of all of this mask is quite strong but not overpowering at all, it’s more of a herbal/spice kind of scent which is nice and relaxing. The consistency of the product is fairly thick but not too hard to spread a good amount over my whole face. The box says it contains enough for 10 applications but I think I will get more out of it and for £7.99 that’s not bad at all!

Pure Clay Glow Mask 

This is my least favourite mask out of them all. This contains ‘3 pure clays and red algae’ which is nice but the scent of this one is quite overwhelming and doesn’t really fade once on my skin which is the main reason I’m not keen on it. The texture of this one is really granulated which makes it dry harder than a usual mask. When I wash this off it always feels horrible and scratchy on my face which I don’t like. My skin is always smooth after this one but I don’t think I don’t see myself buying this one in the future.

Pure Clay Detox Mask 

This is my absolute favourite and pretty up there against my other mask favourites too. The Detox Mask leaves my skin looking and feeling so smooth and hydrated and every time I use it it’s as if I have used an expensive spa product. This one smells amazing and includes charcoal which always leaves my pores looking detoxified and smaller so I use this a minimum of once a week but it recommends using it 2-3 times a week although I do think that is a bit excessive. Not only do I see an immediate effect on my skin the next day it’s so lovely applying makeup there’s no dry patches or breakout and I always have a perfect base after using it.

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Overall I would say if you could only buy one of these masks it would be the Detox Mask just because of how well it works for me and my skin. The good thing with all these masks is that they can either be used individually or used for multi-masking on areas that need special treatment so I think it’s definitely worth trying them out!

Have you tried any of these masks? What are your thoughts?


*Products in this post have been sent to me for the purpose of reviewing but all opinions remain my own.


Empties #1

I thought it was about time that I wrote about some products empties that I have been collecting over the last couple of months. I love reading these kind of posts and watching them on Youtube because the fact that someone has finished a product suggests that it is liked and in a way the strongest recommendation you could give someone. I have a mixture of items I have been saving up, let me know if you have tried any of these bits in the comments!

The first item I have been really loving is the Whipped Clean Shower Butter by Soap & Glory. I love using this in the evenings when I have a shower because it’s so buttery and the formula of the product just leaves my skin so smooth and moisturised. The scent is pretty strong as with all Soap & Glory products but it leaves my skin smelling so nice and not at all over powering. It actually took me a little while to get through this mainly because I don’t use it every time I get a shower, only when I feel like my skin needs it.

IMG_0155 (2)

The next one is also a shower gel. This is something that I got in a beauty box and really enjoyed using this. It’s the Dao Foaming Shower Gel by RitualsThis smells delicious and is really lovely and calming and because it foams as it comes out it’s so soft on my skin. I used this a lot when I was in a rush but still wanted a bit more of a relaxing shower.

Now on to hair. The Umberto Giannini Frizzi Recovery MaskMy hair never feels as good when I don’t use this conditioner. This was actually given to me by my boyfriends mum because she didn’t like it… well I can’t like it enough. When I looked it up and saw that it was only £6.00 I couldn’t resist buying it for myself! I have long hair and it can often feel a bit straw-like if I don’t look after it and I find that when I use this once a week it keeps my hair in much better condition. I normally only put it on the ends of my hair and tie it up whilst I shower. It smells amazing too and even if you have good hair I would still recommend using this.

A foundation that I have finished recently is the Rimmel Match PerfectionThis is one of my all time favourite foundations and my everyday go-to. It sits really nicely on my skin and I find the Ivory 100 is such a good colour match for me. It also has SPF 20 which I always look for in base products that I’m putting on my skin especially as it’s getting closer to summer. I actually haven’t repurchased this yet but only because I have so many other ones I want to finish first because I know if I buy this I will only use this!

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Finally the last product it the No7 Beautiful skin Day Cream. I love all things No7 and this is my everyday moisturiser for my face. It never leaves my skin feeling greasy or sticky and I can just apply my makeup straight after putting this on which no problems. This has SPF 15 and 5*UVA protection. This little pot literally lasts months! I bought a few things when there was a 3 for 2 and I feel like it could potentially be a lifetime supply! For me this is something I know I can rely on even when I have problems with my skin it’s always gentle.

Let me know if you have tried any of these and what you thought about them! Have you repurchased any?


April Look Fantastic Box #LFBLOOMS

I have been experimenting with different beauty box subscriptions for a while now just because I love receiving little ‘presents’ each month and not knowing what it will be inside!


You can definitely tell this is a Spring box from the cover and I love reusing these for storage and other bits so it’s always brilliant when it’s lovely colours. You get such a mixture of things from makeup to skincare and hair products which is what makes them so appealing.

This months Look Fantastic box contains mostly body products and moisturisers which I’m a big fan of because with Summer coming up it’s nice to fall in love with a product that will keep the frizz away in the heat or your skin from being flaky because no one wants to get those legs out when they’re flaking away!

Edited 1.jpg

In boxes, I have received so many items from brands I’ve never even heard of like the Briogeo hair mask in this box for example. Rituals is a favourite of mine so I know I will love the scrub but I have never used anything by Balance Me  so I am super excited to get using these different bits! Admittedly I have given away the MyVitamins  to my boyfriend as I don’t use things like that at all.

Overall, I’m really happy with this box and really looking forward to trying out new some new products! I would really recommend the Look Fantastic box as I feel like it’s such good value for money compared to some of the others.

What beauty boxes have you tried?


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Mini Face Mask Reviews Part 2

I hope you enjoyed reading my first face mask reviews, I shall dive right in with part 2!

Sanctuary Spa – Reverse Beauty Sleep Mask

I received this product in the limited edition beauty box and I’m so glad I did. I tried it the first night I received it and it was the first over night mask I had ever tried so was super curious to see what it would be like. I applied this after doing my usual night time routine and it literally sank into my skin so nicely which I was surprised about because it’s really thick and gloopey. As it’s clear there was no need to worry about getting it all over the bed sheets or anything and when it came to morning I just cleansed my face as usual. I have been using this a couple of times a week and I have notice my makeup doesn’t get stuck as much around my dryer patches so I’m impressed with this.


Sanctuary Spa – 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask 

This is probably my favourite mask out of the lot. It’s a bit messier than I would like but I can deal with that. The feeling I have when I put this on is so relaxed and lovely and afterwards my skin is like a dream. Not only does it feel nice and clean it feels as if I have had a treatment. I have done a whole post of my thoughts on this here .

Soap & Glory – No Clogs Allowed 

When I first got this I loved it. I used it during my pamper evenings every Sunday for three weeks without even looking at any of my other ones. Then what I call ‘the incident’ happened. It was so traumatic I haven’t used it since as I have been so put off which is annoying because I really used to like it. Basically ‘the incident’ happened after I had this mask on one evening and I took it off after the time it says and one really bright patch would not budge. I tried everything – washing with water, using a wet cloth, scrub, putting other face wash on it and washing it and it just didn’t move, it was horrific and didn’t even come off for 3 days. I don’t even know what happened but I don’t want to use it again now!

WP_20160309_21_53_42_Pro (2)

KIKO Hydrating Mask 

I picked this up a little while ago when I did a little KIKO haul as I was really interested in their skincare. We all know why I picked this one so I won’t go into it! I have only used this a couple of times so don’t have a strong love or hate for it but I generally like it. The smell is so fresh and quite floral but not too over powering which I really like. Texture-wise, it’s almost like a thick cream so I wouldn’t apply this too heavily but with this a little goes a long way and you do wipe it off after sort of 15 minutes so it’s not the end of the world. As with all the KIKO products I’ve tried so far I really like it and it was really cheap as well for such good quality and left my skin feeling ultra smooth and hydrated.

There we have it, my mini mask reviews. Let me know if there’s any I should try!


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Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

I have been mixing and matching my evening routine recently as I want to try more mask type products which is what originally led me to finding the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask which I bought for £10.00 from www.sanctuary.com.

The packaging for me isn’t the best for two reasons. Firstly, the product if quite thick and gloopy and you have to really wipe the mask away or it gets all round the edges and in the lid if you close it and I am a bit OCD about keeping things like this clean as I hate it when they get all crusty and disgusting! The second reason is I like to get the most for my money and I feel like as this is already quite a thick consistency it will be really hard to squeeze out the last bit it will be even more difficult because of the type of tube it’s in but that’s just my personal opinion.


I have used this a few times now and I have to say I am pleased with this purchase. I have only used it four or five times so around once a week, however, it recommends using it 2-3 times a week but I don’t feel it necessary to use a detox mask as often as that.

It claims to be ‘Intensely purifying yet non-drying deep cleanse mask’ and I feel like this is one of those things that actually does what it says on the tin. As I’m prone to dry patches on my face I really don’t need any more dryness so this works really well for me.


As explained above, the texture is thick and gooey. It says to apply a thin layer so you have to kind of work the mask on your skin by going over it a few times to spread it across your skin. I only use one or two fingers and spread it in one direction as I think it would be a very bad idea to start rubbing it around in circles or something!


One last thing I definitely should mention is that this is the kind of thing you need to tie your hair back as if you get this in your hair it’s so horrible sticky once it gets in your hair!!

Let me know what face masks you use or post a link to your review!

A- x

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