I have been using the Maybelline Push Up Drama mascara for a few weeks now and I am actually quite pleasantly surprised as I normally don’t go for the rubber wand type mascaras but I was coaxed into it by the lady at the till (so well done to you).

Can we just take a second to check out how long this mascara is….

WP_20160207_16_38_38_Pro (2)

… I don’t know if it’s just me but I just think this is extraordinarily long!

I must say I do love the packaging as it’s really nice and girly although it seems really long… the wand is so long too which actually gives it a minus point for me because I always end up getting it on the side of my face when applying it to my left eye.

As I said earlier I’m not normally drawn to rubber wand mascaras but this was on offer and I thought I might as well. However, I might now be a convert! I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t tried one for a while or if it’s due to the ‘cup-shaped bristles’ – which you can see in the photo below – but I’m really liking it right now. I haven’t even gone back to any of my other mascaras since I’ve had this it must be doing something right.

WP_20160207_16_40_53_Pro (2)

As far as the actual product goes though, I’m genuinely really impressed. I find it quite liquidy which I like because when I do my make up and it comes to doing my eyes, I put one layer of mascara on, tend to my hair or something whilst I wait for it to dry before I then apply another layer and it applies so nicely and extends my lashes fairly dramatically but not so much so that it looks like false lashes but enough for an every day look which I love. It also stays on so well, I wear this for around 14 hours a day and when I take my make up off at the end of the day there is still so much there. I think I will definitely be repurchasing this throughout when I’ve run out.

A- x


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