Mark Hill – Straight Talking Cream

I have quite long hair so it’s important to me to at least try and attempt to keep it looking and feeling its best. A few posts ago I discussed the Superdrug own brand hair heat protectors and overall I wasn’t that impressed by them, however, a couple of days after posting I decided to start the Mark Hill Straight Talking Cream which I don’t think is actually sold now as I can only find the shampoo and conditioner version. I got this for £2.00 on sale in boots and I’m really disappointed that I can’t find it now because it seems to be the best hair heat protecting cream I have come across in a while. I think Mark Hill have a new collection out which might be why I can’t find this anywhere so when I finish the cream I will definitely be tempted to purchase those instead.

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Mark Hill Staightening Cream 

My hair is already straight but sometimes when I don’t have time to style it I like to use this solely as a heat protector for when I blow dry my hair. I rub a small amount between my fingertips and run them through the ends of my hair as that’s where mine is most damaged and it keeps any fly aways or split ends straight and not looking as shocking. The texture of the cream is quite lightweight and not sticky at all. It adds a really natural looking shine to my hair too which is always a bonus. I feel like every time I use this I can always style my hair differently for two or three days after the first wash with just this added so it’s not like others that leave your hair greasy and feeling like you want to wash it after one day.

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Mug shot of my long hair after a blow dry 




What heat protectors do you generally use on your hair? Have you seen this anywhere else??!


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