Back to School ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

The summer holidays have now come to an end and school will be starting again this week if it hasn’t already so today I have a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. My school didn’t allow makeup that was bright and obvious but we were able to get away with a more natural look so here it is.




As it’s the end of summer my skin is in fairly good condition and slightly more tanned than usual so for September I’m going to continue to use a BB cream. When late autumn/winter arrives I will move towards more full coverage foundations but for now a lighter product with a ‘your skin but better affect’ is going to be perfect. I have been really loving the Dead Sea Spa Magik BB CreamIt’s light, has a lovely tint and smooths over my skin really well. I also love this with this you can skin a step by not moisturising because it’s so hydrating which is such a bonus when you’re running late in the morning!

Next I am going to apply a light dusting of shimmery bronzer without any contour as I’m going for a more natural look. The one I’m using is the Essence Mosaic Compact Powder which I got in a glossy box a few months ago. I like this one because the mix of shades make it look light and natural. For a more natural look I just swipe it over my cheeks, my forehead and slightly down my neck just to give my whole face a more warm sweep of colour.

For blush I am just going for  a light shade and one that’s not too difficult to work with and that’s the Kiko Colour Veil Blush in 01 which I can’t find online anymore but I can recommend their other blushes here because I have quite a few! I slightly smile when applying it and blend it in so the transition between the blush and bronze is smooth and natural looking.

IMG_0745 (2).JPG


I normally do my brows next and more recently I have been using the L’Oreal Brow Artist Shaper pencil. I much prefer pencils to fill in my brows because I have such thin brows and this is kind of an all in one pencil.

For my eyes I am not going to be wearing any eye shadow for two reasons. One being that we are going for a natural look here and the other reason being that when I went to school I never had time for eye shadow and was always in a rush so it’s one less thing to have to worry about. Instead I have just curled my lashes and popped on two coats of the No7 Velvet Lash Mascara and I love this mascara because it really enhances the eye lashes making them look fuller and longer but not over-dramatic.


Lips are always the one thing I forget to do all the time. However, because I always remember later on in the day I normally end up putting on the Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips . I literally used to put this on so much in school because it smells so good and it only slightly tinted pink but doesn’t look unnatural at all; this is obviously ultra moisturising so keeps your lips looking lovely when it wears off anyway.

IMG_0803 (2)

So that’s it for my natural ‘no makeup’ makeup look for going back to school or work or just when you can’t be bothered to do your makeup because let’s be honest we don’t always want to spend ages on makeup!

What do you like wearing when going for a more natural look?



Maybelline Master Contour V Stick

I’m normally a powder contour kinda gal and when I bought this I thought why, why have I just bought something I’m probably never going to use?! Well last week there was a time when I decided I would actually try it out – Loads of people use cream contour all the time, it can’t be that bad! Surprisingly it wasn’t.

I bought mine in the shade 01 Light because I’m generally pale for the majority of the year and this is a pretty big stick of product so I thought if I like it I can use it in the winter too. Before using this stick I was a little skeptical about how it would work without the colours mixing after a while and it just getting a bit messy and I can definitely see this happening once it’s been used enough.

WP_20160717_16_09_23_Pro (2)

Let’s talk about the product. The contour shade is for sure the right match for me and applies really well over foundation. I have been using my fingers to blend this into my skin and it works really well, it doesn’t turn smudgy or drag my makeup around my face or anything horrendous like that. The texture of this is creamy but once blended in kind of turns powdery but not drying on my skin at all.

The highlight shade however, is a completely different story. This couldn’t have more of a waxy, cakey texture even if that was what it was going for. I actually won’t be using this side of the stick again. It was really hard work to blend and just made my face feel sticky and not comfortable at all.

Overall, I think the concept is good but for me the highlight shade does not work in any way – even if I use a brush or sponge. I’m still going to be using this for the contour side though because it was £6.99 and I do really like that side of the stick!

Let me know if you’ve used this and how you got on with it?


Festival Makeup Ideas

So this is the first post of mine and Zoe’s Summer Series – exciting stuff! I’m not really one for going to festivals, in fact I can’t think of anything less appealing. However, I do like the makeup looks that can be created for festivals. They’re fun, bright and full of as much glitter as you like! I would definitely recommend searching through all the lovely ideas on Pinterest because there’s literally thousands on there.

I have decided not to do a tutorial because I feel like it’s a bit too regimented for a festival look. Personally festival makeup is a chance for you to experiment with those funky colours you don’t wear every day and to create a look that you want to play around with!

WP_20160707_17_26_46_Pro (2).jpg

Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Palette

A few themes I love the look of are: 

Boho – A more subtle look based around flowers soft colours

Multi-coloured – This one is bright and exciting and more of a chance to play around

Full on Glitter – I’m not so keen on this one but go all out with glitter in your hair, around your eyes, cheeks and everywhere. Where else will you get the change to do this?!

Temporary Tattoos – If you don’t want permanent tattoos or are after something more metallic these are perfect to stick all over your body.

Face and Body Paint – You could create a really funky look with body paint to get even more into the festival spirit.

Makeup for a Festival Look

For me there’s more of a focus on eye makeup but I don’t really want to wear expensive makeup or take it with me to a festival so a couple of amazing palettes I would take are the:

Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Palette – I bought this recently and it has the perfect colours to create a multi-coloured look. I have been playing around with the greens and purples because they are colours that I would never usually use so it’s fun to use for festival makeup looks.

WP_20160707_17_27_57_Pro (2)

Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Palette 

WP_20160707_17_28_56_Pro (3)

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette in Girl Panic

Makeup Revolution also have some brilliantly pigmented eye shadow palettes which I like to mix and match a lot of the time. The Fortune Favours The Brave Palette has some lovely pastel pinks and lighter shades for a less dramatic look or there are some really lovely shimmery shades too in other palettes like the Salvation Palette in Girl Panic

You can find Zoe’s summer makeup look here. What would be your festival makeup look?


May & June Favorites

Another two months have passed so it’s time for another favourites post! All of the things I’ve been loving the past few weeks are makeup products so I do apologise. The reason for this is partly because nothing else has really stood out to me more than usual but I also haven’t been using anything different to normal so I thought I would just keep it to ‘new’ favourites.

IMG_0343 (2).JPG

Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette

I have been using this palette virtually everyday and basically all bar a couple of the eye shadows are so pigmented and long lasting. One of the main reasons I have been enjoying using it so much is because you can create so many different looks with it or adapt a day time look into an evening look so easily. This is also really useful if you’re going away because you just have to take the one palette!

Spectrum Collection C03 Flawless Finish Brush

I got this brush in a beauty box a few months ago and I had never heard of Spectrum before but it’s the softest brush ever I’m going to buy one of their collections. I like the shape of the brush and I have been using it more and more for highlighter and I find it works really well not to mention how beautiful they look!

IMG_0348 (2)

Spectrum Collection C03 Flawless Finish Brush

Rimmel Sculpting Palette 

The first few times I used this I really wasn’t keen on this palette at all. One day I just decided to play around with it and use it with different brushes and on different areas on my face and now there’s pretty much not a day that goes by when I don’t wear it. I love the blush shade I probably over do it sometimes! The highlighter is quite subtle but I tend to top it up with another highlighter depending on what kind of day I’m having!

Studio 10 Brow Lifting Pencil

It’s no exaggeration that I actually love this pencil. It’s such a perfect match for my brows which I normally have trouble finding the right match. This is a duo pencil with one side to fill in brows and the other side to shape and outline. I hardly use the the outline pencil just because it doesn’t suite my skin tone but both pencils are so lovely in texture and easy to use.

IMG_0351 (2)

Studio 10 Brow Lifting Pencil 

Do you love using any of these products?


Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection

I saw this collection a few weeks ago on twitter and as soon as I saw it I fell in love and had to have some of these lovely bits. For me, the palette in this collection has the ultimate summer colours. It’s beautiful. I bought two of the lipsticks, the eye shadow palette and one of the cheek gel sticks.

First lets talk about the eye shadows because this is definitely my favourite product in the collection. The packaging of the outside box is beautiful and reflects the product inside perfectly. There are 12 shades inside and they all have a pastel undertone to them with some having a lovely shimmer added too. I would say it depends how confident you are on whether you could create a whole eye makeup look with this palette but I am so looking forward to having a play around with it.

IMG_0178 (2)

Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection Palette 

The majority of the eye shadows are really nicely pigmented but there are a couple that don’t come up so well. I really like how fun and playful they are though. These kinds of colours would be perfect for festivals and summer parties as well as everyday wear.

I also bought one of the Sweet Cheeks Gel Blushes. I got mine in the shade Hullabaloo and it’s really beautiful. It’s the perfect kind of rosy pink for my cheeks and I can really see myself using it a lot over the summer. This is so pigmented and because it’s a gel formula it blends really nicely and is so smooth.

IMG_0239 (2)

Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Collection Cheek Stick

The packaging is really nice, small and compact so this would be ideal if you needed to top up throughout the day. However, mine has actually broken! If you follow me on snapchat (pamperedprune) you would have already seen what happened but basically I unscrewed the whole thing to see how much product there was and now it won’t go back down again! I have no idea why but it’s stuck so I’ve just left the cap on the top so it doesn’t dry out or something!

I also bought two of the LIP-VIP lipsticks from the collection. I have never been so excited to try out a lipstick in my life! They are semi matte lipsticks and the colour is so vibrant they would literally brighten up any makeup look. Again the match the collection in the sense that they are without doubt summer colours and I can’t wait to test these out this week! Once I have worn them lots and can form a proper opinion on them I am totally going to be writing up a single review on these little ones!

What are you most excited about from this collection?


Empties #1

I thought it was about time that I wrote about some products empties that I have been collecting over the last couple of months. I love reading these kind of posts and watching them on Youtube because the fact that someone has finished a product suggests that it is liked and in a way the strongest recommendation you could give someone. I have a mixture of items I have been saving up, let me know if you have tried any of these bits in the comments!

The first item I have been really loving is the Whipped Clean Shower Butter by Soap & Glory. I love using this in the evenings when I have a shower because it’s so buttery and the formula of the product just leaves my skin so smooth and moisturised. The scent is pretty strong as with all Soap & Glory products but it leaves my skin smelling so nice and not at all over powering. It actually took me a little while to get through this mainly because I don’t use it every time I get a shower, only when I feel like my skin needs it.

IMG_0155 (2)

The next one is also a shower gel. This is something that I got in a beauty box and really enjoyed using this. It’s the Dao Foaming Shower Gel by RitualsThis smells delicious and is really lovely and calming and because it foams as it comes out it’s so soft on my skin. I used this a lot when I was in a rush but still wanted a bit more of a relaxing shower.

Now on to hair. The Umberto Giannini Frizzi Recovery MaskMy hair never feels as good when I don’t use this conditioner. This was actually given to me by my boyfriends mum because she didn’t like it… well I can’t like it enough. When I looked it up and saw that it was only £6.00 I couldn’t resist buying it for myself! I have long hair and it can often feel a bit straw-like if I don’t look after it and I find that when I use this once a week it keeps my hair in much better condition. I normally only put it on the ends of my hair and tie it up whilst I shower. It smells amazing too and even if you have good hair I would still recommend using this.

A foundation that I have finished recently is the Rimmel Match PerfectionThis is one of my all time favourite foundations and my everyday go-to. It sits really nicely on my skin and I find the Ivory 100 is such a good colour match for me. It also has SPF 20 which I always look for in base products that I’m putting on my skin especially as it’s getting closer to summer. I actually haven’t repurchased this yet but only because I have so many other ones I want to finish first because I know if I buy this I will only use this!

IMG_0164 (2)

Finally the last product it the No7 Beautiful skin Day Cream. I love all things No7 and this is my everyday moisturiser for my face. It never leaves my skin feeling greasy or sticky and I can just apply my makeup straight after putting this on which no problems. This has SPF 15 and 5*UVA protection. This little pot literally lasts months! I bought a few things when there was a 3 for 2 and I feel like it could potentially be a lifetime supply! For me this is something I know I can rely on even when I have problems with my skin it’s always gentle.

Let me know if you have tried any of these and what you thought about them! Have you repurchased any?


L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation

Since I saw this being used months ago by people in America I literally wanted it so much it took all my will power not to hop on a plane and go get it so as soon as it came to the UK I purchased it, of course.

My first impressions were obviously going to be tainted by all the Youtube opinions I had heard and watched over the months so needless to say I was impressed, my only concern was the shade because I had bought this online but it matched me surprisingly well.

WP_20160604_16_23_14_Pro (2)

L’Oreal Cushion Foundation 

The packaging is lovely and is what I can only imagine makeup products used to be like in the early 20th century. The lid closes really nicely to keep the moisture in the product and the sponge has its own cute little compartment.

I have been using this foundation with my normal makeup sponge because that’s what I know I like to use and it applies so well, has good coverage and blends really easily across my skin. I normally use the more dewy kind of foundations so I knew that I would probably like the finish this gives off.

WP_20160604_16_23_27_Pro (2)

L’Oreal Cushion Foundation 

Now here’s the disappointing part. I love this foundation up until it’s been on my face for about 3 hours. I have dry skin generally which is the whole reason I don’t tend to go for matte foundations but my face gets oily after only a few hours of wear and it just doesn’t seem to dry it stays a bit wet. If you follow me on snapchat (pamperedprune) you will know that I said it felt like every bit of dirt was sticking to my face and that is really not a good feeling or look for that matter!

I will be continuing to use this foundation but I don’t think my opinion will change. It’s such a shame because it literally applies so well and looks amazing when it’s first applied. I’m not sure that applying powder would help with this or make it look cakey?

Let me know if you have any advice or if I’m doing something wrong! How are you getting on with this foundations?