3 Lip Products I’m Wearing Right Now

I love mixing up what I put on my lips and as the weather’s becoming warmer and Spring is now in full flow I thought I would share with you the lip products I have been using most recently.

I have been using lip gloss a lot which isn’t normally my thing because I have long hair that tends to get in stuck in it and I don’t generally reach for gloss products. However, as I have been wearing more pink and purple shades of eye shadow I have been making the most of my No7 High Shine gloss in the shade Glaze. This gives a lovely shine to my lips and is really moisturising; I love that it has SPF 15 too. This gloss isn’t overly pigmented but at the same time doesn’t have too much glittery particles so I’ve found it works really nicely for me.

DSCN0347 (2).JPG

No7 High Shine Gloss (Glaze)

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet in the colour 03 VIPeach is the next one and is my least favourite out of the three. The colour of this product is beautiful, it’s such a girly, Spring colour and although the texture of this is strange it’s lovely. The only downside is that this just doesn’t stay on my lips longer than about 20 minutes. I’m really disappointed with it because the texture of the product itself is really smooth and lightweight but it’s so sheer it just doesn’t last long at all and leaves a bit of a weird outline which is really frustrating because it’s so nice to use.

DSCN0344 (2)

Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet (VIPeach)

The next one is something I got in a beauty box and I really didn’t get on with it when I first got it and this is the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm. The reason I think I didn’t like it straight away is just because of how bright it is and I don’t normally go that bright on my lips but I just decided to get on with it and now I’m really into wearing it. I actually really like the texture of this product because it’s really smooth on my lips and it’s so refreshing as it smells super minty.


Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm

So that’s a round up of the lip products I’m wearing right now. I love brightening my face with different colours and being able to mix it up every day so if you’re not used to it I would definitely recommend trying brighter lipsticks and eventually you will start to enjoy using them daily!

Do you have any recommendations of lipsticks I can try?


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March & April Favourites

As it’s the end of another month I have decided to write up my favourites. I’m only going to do this every other month and combine the two together because I just feel like I’m a hard girl to impress! No really though, I just think sometimes when I try a new product or discover something new one month just ins’t enough time for me to really make anything a favourite! I have a little bit of everything to talk about so just read on…

WP_20160430_12_21_34_Pro (2)

Lets start off with something everyone here has heard of and knows about. The Garnier Micellar water. I love this and I really can’t get enough of it. It has taken me about three months to get through a whole bottle but it is amazing at taking my makeup off with no mess at all and keeps my skin super soft! This is so cheap as well especially for how long it lasted and it is always on offer somewhere too! They also do a smaller travel size which is so convenient – this is something I would really recommend.

Something I have been loving that was completely new to me a little over a month ago is by Crabtree and EvelynI have been using the Pomegranate, argan and grapeseed hand cream and it is so amazing. Not only is it so moisturising but the smell is just so good. I can’t even describe it, it’s just glorious! Every time I use this which is mainly in the evening before bed, it absorbs really quickly and never leaves behind that horrible oily stickiness you sometimes get with hand creams. I will definitely be buying a full size one when this little one runs out.

WP_20160306_13_33_13_Pro (2)

A lipstick I have been seriously swooning over is by Kiko – seriously go check it out. I recently did a post on this so I won’t ramble on too much but it is hands down my favourite Spring lipstick. I always get people asking me what it is because it’s such a lovely shade of pink and really subtle at the same time so I literally wear it everywhere I go.

This one is going to sound pretty ridiculous but I have a favourite shower gel! I said it. I bought the Yogi Flow shower foam when I was on holiday last month in Barcelona and this is honestly amazing! The scent of this is really gentle and relaxing and I love using this when I shower in the evening because I find it really calming especially that it is a lovely foam too it just makes showing so easy and enables me to unwind.

IMG_0130 (2)

So that’s pretty much a round up of all the beauty things I have been loving recently! Let me know your thoughts on any of these or what your favourite thing has been these past couple of months!


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Intensely Rose Kiko Lipstick

I love Kiko. Anyone who’s been here before will know that I am massively in love with the majority of their items and I have never been disappointed by them. In this post I am going to be writing about one of their Smart Lipsticks that I bought in a hail recently whilst shopping in Westfield, Stratford. I feel like Kiko are one of these amazing brands that always have such good sales regularly and I’m sure I got this in one of their 5 items for £10 sales.


As most Kiko products do, this one also came in a simple black box which I like because it makes it feel like a high-end product. The actual casing is also in a textured matte black plastic shell but quite a sturdy plastic that makes it feel nice and sleek.

The lipstick I got is in the colour Intense Rose and this is honestly one of my favourite lipsticks right now, it’s such a pretty Spring shade. For me this colour is so wearable for not only day time but evening too. It’s a lovely rosey colour so Kiko really chose the name perfectly. The thing about this as well is that it isn’t too pink it literally is just the right amount of pink especially if you’re not too adventurous like me.

My first impressions of this were really good. I’m quite fussy with what I put on my lips because I don’t like a lot of textures that are too sticky or too drying or even too creamy. However the first time I wore it I hardly even remembered that I was wearing it which is brilliant because it felt so natural on my lips.

I have been really enjoying wearing this lipstick and look forward to wearing it many more times and trying out more of their colours.

What are your Spring lipsticks that you’re loving right now?


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Natual Collection – All £1.99

Recently when I was shopping in Boots I came across a stand called Natural Collection for the first time. This is a range that appears to be made by Boots themselves and  although I had heard about it through a couple of videos on YouTube I hadn’t actively searched for any of their products. I only thought it would be a few of this range that was £1.99 but after looking at it, it seems everything is £1.99 so I decided to pick up a few things to see if there were any hidden gems.

IMG_0134 (2)

I picked up 5 things:

I am yet to use the green corrector stick and the lilac eye shadow so I will only talk about the things I have tried so far.

One morning a couple of weeks ago I woke up and really wanted a no makeup day so decided I would go for minimal. I used the eye shadow in Barley all over my eyes and it didn’t really show up at all, it only had a slight shimmer. I didn’t really mind but I know not to use it if I really want a strong colour to show.

I actually quite like the lipstick. It’s a nice shade and the staying power isn’t too bad but if I wanted one to last all day I probably wouldn’t choose this one. All of this is scent free and I really like lip products that smell delicious and although this is personal preference I would just really like it to smell good!

IMG_0153 (2)

Moisture Shine Lipstick in Cranberry

I have used the powder a couple of times and as far as powders go it’s quite pleasant to use. It gives a very light dusting and does control shine. It was £1.99 so I’m not really going to complain.

Overall I like these products but they’re not my favourite. I know everything is only £1.99 but the packaging also feels like it is £1.99. I think maybe this range would be really good for someone new to makeup or for someone on a low budget as there is quite a lot of colour eye shadows other bits to try out.

Have you used anything from this collection?


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Kiko Milano Spree

I’ve been seeing over the last few weeks about the sales KIKO MILANO do and I had used their eyeliner before but couldn’t remember where I picked it up from so decided to have a little gander at the website and it sure did deliver. I was really pleasently surprised at the sale prices as the normal prices are already so reasonable and they always seem to have some sort of promotion or sale on. When looking over everything on the website I decided to go for a range of things and ended up with a total of 8 products although the lipstick and liner came as a set.

WP_20160221_13_57_02_Pro (2)


I chose the eyeliner because I had used one of theirs before and really enjoyed it, I decided to challend myself a bit more and go for a more chunky liner so got the Deep Black Eye Marker. I’m so pleased with it, although it’s a bit scary-looking due to it’s chunky appearance but it is so easy to use and I made fewer mistakes than when I use a thinner nib. This was a bargin at only £2.70 reduced from £7.90 which is still a reasonable price!

The problem that I have is small eyes and because of this I am always looking for things that make my eyes look bigger. I think a thinner eyeliner probably does a better job at this but I love the thick pen so much I will use it anyway! When I was playing around it made the finishing touches of such a lovely 60’s make up look so I might start doing that a bit more just for a bit of fun!

I also decided to go for a couple of their blushes purely because the colours looked so pretty and amazing and I think they are really wearable colours for spring/summer looks so I’m excited to start wearing! The one I am most intrigued by is the blush from the Rebel Bouncy Collection as it’s a beautiful coral colour.

I will be testing these out and experimenting with different looks with the blushes over the next couple of weeks so I will keep you posted!

Have you made any KIKO purchases, what are they?


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