Hand Care Vs Hand Scare

Looking after your hands might seem like a really simple task, however, it always gets to the end of the week before I realise I haven’t even moisturised my hands. The skin on your hands is always exposed and easily becomes subject to dry, scaly, repulsive skin. Apparently this kind of misfortune is hereditary as my mum is the worst for this and she has actually drawn blood with her dry skin before! YUK

Since the beginning of the year I have made it my mission to take better care of my hands and nails. It has been a lot easier than I expected mainly because I have been more conscious of having nice, soft skin on my hands. I have been keeping an Avon hand cream in my bag so that I always have one on the go and I have also made an effort to keep one in my office at work which is actually quite nice to put on during the day.

wp_ss_20160205_0006 (2)

I only ever put hand cream on after I have just washed my hands, only because I cannot think of anything worse than spreading germs around my hands and touching my keyboard or my phone or something that could be laden with germs.

At the weekend I have a mini hand pamper session which involves washing my hands, using my favourite hand cream and afterwards I take this chance to gently push back my cuticles then paint my nails. Recently I have been loving Ciatè’s Pillow Fight nail varnish and I think it’s the most perfect winter colour.

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The instructions on Ciatè’s nail polish says to wash hands before applying to remove all grease and although I do this, I also moisturise with hand cream so that adds grease again. I always apply two coats and depending on how long I want to wear the polish for I put a clear top coat on too. I have found with this that it literally lasts forever if you want it to. The other day when I was in a rush I painted them and completely forgot to put a top coat on and they didn’t chip at all for almost five days which I think is pretty impressive.

What hand and nail care do you do?

A- x


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