Ganier Dark Spot Corrector Update on my Skin

 It’s been a month since I last wrote the first post on the Garnier Dark Spot Corrector you can find the post about it here. I really wanted to give you a short update on how I have been finding it.

Before I had really dark sports on my cheeks and red patches and generally blemished skin and I still have these problems but I feel like they’re not as bad as they were before. I feel like it hasn’t really made a dramatic difference though and although it works really well as a moisturiser I have others that can do just the same.

So the first picture is from a month ago and the second picture is one that I took this morning. As you can see there are still really obvious patches of skin there that would be nice not to have but they cover really easily with make up. It doesn’t look that much different to a month ago but when I look in the mirror it really isn’t as harsh red as it used to be so I do think something is working.

As for the product itself I’m unsure whether or not I will repurchase this as it hasn’t hugely altered by blemishes and I’ve been using it everyday for 3 months sometimes in the evening too and I feel like I expect more from a product like this.

Have you tried any products that work best over time? Did they work?


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Garnier Dark Spot Corrector

My skin is not the best mainly due to a couple of medical issues that mean my skin gets dry unexpectedly and I have these under-skin spots and random dark patches on my cheeks which makes it difficult not to want to wear make up ALL THE TIME.

WP_20160214_10_51_31_Pro (2)

My Skin 

Even though I moisturise in the morning and evening after cleansing I thought it might be worth trying a more targeting cream. the problem with me is that my skin feels really nice and smooth it just doesn’t look nice or smooth which is so frustrating as when it looks like a spot is forming it doesn’t it just turns to dry patches and red marks like in the picture above.

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I mostly went for this product as it is really affordable and as I haven’t used many targeting creams I didn’t particularly want to spend too much on it. The Garnier Dark Spot Corrector is only £9.99 in Superdrug and is made for all skin types and tones.


It claims to ‘fade discolourations for even skintone’ by focusing on ‘dark spots, age spots, blemish marks.’ It also contains vitamin C so I thought this was really interesting as I have some real areas I wanted it to work on! This can be used morning or evening but I have only been using it in the morning before I apply make up as it is really hydrating and sinks in straight away.


WP_20160207_11_08_20_Pro (2)



It smells so amazing and fresh although slightly metallic at the same time. I have only been using it for about 5 weeks and on the packaging it says most people saw a reduction of blemishes after 8-12 weeks so I am waiting to form a full opinion of it. So far I haven’t seen any reduction at all but I am hopeful (perhaps a little too much). One thing I will add is that I am slightly disappointed this has no SPF rating which for a day cream you would expect it to have some sort of protection.

Is there any other skincare products that you can recommend that could help reduce or even combat my blemishes and under-skin spots?


A- x
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