May & June Favorites

Another two months have passed so it’s time for another favourites post! All of the things I’ve been loving the past few weeks are makeup products so I do apologise. The reason for this is partly because nothing else has really stood out to me more than usual but I also haven’t been using anything different to normal so I thought I would just keep it to ‘new’ favourites.

IMG_0343 (2).JPG

Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette

I have been using this palette virtually everyday and basically all bar a couple of the eye shadows are so pigmented and long lasting. One of the main reasons I have been enjoying using it so much is because you can create so many different looks with it or adapt a day time look into an evening look so easily. This is also really useful if you’re going away because you just have to take the one palette!

Spectrum Collection C03 Flawless Finish Brush

I got this brush in a beauty box a few months ago and I had never heard of Spectrum before but it’s the softest brush ever I’m going to buy one of their collections. I like the shape of the brush and I have been using it more and more for highlighter and I find it works really well not to mention how beautiful they look!

IMG_0348 (2)

Spectrum Collection C03 Flawless Finish Brush

Rimmel Sculpting Palette 

The first few times I used this I really wasn’t keen on this palette at all. One day I just decided to play around with it and use it with different brushes and on different areas on my face and now there’s pretty much not a day that goes by when I don’t wear it. I love the blush shade I probably over do it sometimes! The highlighter is quite subtle but I tend to top it up with another highlighter depending on what kind of day I’m having!

Studio 10 Brow Lifting Pencil

It’s no exaggeration that I actually love this pencil. It’s such a perfect match for my brows which I normally have trouble finding the right match. This is a duo pencil with one side to fill in brows and the other side to shape and outline. I hardly use the the outline pencil just because it doesn’t suite my skin tone but both pencils are so lovely in texture and easy to use.

IMG_0351 (2)

Studio 10 Brow Lifting Pencil 

Do you love using any of these products?



Copper Eye Makeup Look

This post is an eye makeup look that I have been playing around with and I want to show you how I created it. I hope you all like this look, I decided not to do anything too dramatic because I have fairly hooded eyes and it just looks a mess if I do that but let me know what you think at the end!

DSCN0370 (2)

I haven’t really done anything on my face because I wanted to concentrate on my eyes.

I started by creating a neutral base by putting some Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer over my whole eyelid up to my brow, once that was blended in I then used Collections Eye Primer  again all over my eyelid and a little under my eye.

I left that for a minute to dry before starting with any eye shadows. First I applied a matte eye shadow in the crease from the Blushed Nudes eye shadow palette by Maybelline followed by a matte brown in the Girl Panic palette by Makeup Revolution.

For the main colour I used the copper shade in the MUA Utopia eye shadow palette but I’m not sure I like these eye shadows very much. I also used the Girl Panic Palette and took the copper shade from in there to go over my eyelid. Once my eyelid was done I just used a blending brush to sweep some of the excess product on my lower lash line.

For the eyeliner I used the Precision Ink eye liner by Illamasqua and I’m not normally a liquid eyeliner person but this is surprisingly east to apply and build up. After doing this I used the Superdrug own false eyelashes in Volume Edition #21 and they were really nice to use, I literally use my fingers to put these on and never have a problem. On my lower lashes I used a khol eyeliner to the corners to just add a bit of something and added some No7 mascara and that is the finished look.


My Makeup Revolution Palettes

Makeup Revolution are one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands. They always have something new coming out and I’ve never been disappointed with the items I’ve bought and I personally think they have some really good dupes for some of the higher priced makeup products on the market at the moment. All of their products are really well priced which is always a bonus. I feel like they always include something in their palettes for everyone and for any occasion or mood which is lovely because it means if you’re travelling everything is just in one place and easy to use.

Makeup Rev Palettes

The firs palette I ever bought by Makeup Revolution is the Give them Nightmares one which I think is probably over a year old now but I’ve used so little of it because it’s one I only use on special occasions such as nights out or Halloween or something just because for me there aren’t everyday colours in there for me.

Give them Nightmares Palette

I love the blues and purples here and I was so surprised at how pigmented they are when I first used this. so you really only need a tiny amount because I find it picks up so easily on my brushes which I found out the first time I used it and virtually ended up looking like I had been punched in the face! It was only a mistake I made once. I also love the layout of this palette because it has the more shimmery colours and the matte ones at the bottom.


The Redemption Palette Iconic 2 (bottom left) includes some of my most used eye shadows in because I use nude shades the majority of the time for everyday makeup to work. Although there’s only a couple of matte shades there are some with less shimmer which it what makes them so wearable. I don’t like the most pale colours because they are just a bit chalky but the rest have really good cover and last me all day.

Fortune Favours the Brave. This palette (bottom right) was created and designed by British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham and is so amazing. When this finally arrived in the post I was just staring at it mesmerized because it truly is stunning and I’m so glad I took a picture before I started using it because it’s a bit messy looking now! What I like about it is not only the price (£9.99) but there is literally a colour here for everyone no matter what kind of person they might be. I love the size of eye shadows, for me they’re just right.

So that’s all of my Makeup Revolution Palettes. If you haven’t tried out anything by them I would really recommend them. I normally get most things from my local Superdrug but Makeup Revolution also offer delivery on their website but be prepared for it to take 10 days to 2 weeks for it to arrive.

I have just bought there strobing cream and new shimmer brick which I am just trying out at the moment and seeing how it compares to the Seventeen one I have so I will let you know!

What Makeup Revolution palettes do you have or want?


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Natual Collection – All £1.99

Recently when I was shopping in Boots I came across a stand called Natural Collection for the first time. This is a range that appears to be made by Boots themselves and  although I had heard about it through a couple of videos on YouTube I hadn’t actively searched for any of their products. I only thought it would be a few of this range that was £1.99 but after looking at it, it seems everything is £1.99 so I decided to pick up a few things to see if there were any hidden gems.

IMG_0134 (2)

I picked up 5 things:

I am yet to use the green corrector stick and the lilac eye shadow so I will only talk about the things I have tried so far.

One morning a couple of weeks ago I woke up and really wanted a no makeup day so decided I would go for minimal. I used the eye shadow in Barley all over my eyes and it didn’t really show up at all, it only had a slight shimmer. I didn’t really mind but I know not to use it if I really want a strong colour to show.

I actually quite like the lipstick. It’s a nice shade and the staying power isn’t too bad but if I wanted one to last all day I probably wouldn’t choose this one. All of this is scent free and I really like lip products that smell delicious and although this is personal preference I would just really like it to smell good!

IMG_0153 (2)

Moisture Shine Lipstick in Cranberry

I have used the powder a couple of times and as far as powders go it’s quite pleasant to use. It gives a very light dusting and does control shine. It was £1.99 so I’m not really going to complain.

Overall I like these products but they’re not my favourite. I know everything is only £1.99 but the packaging also feels like it is £1.99. I think maybe this range would be really good for someone new to makeup or for someone on a low budget as there is quite a lot of colour eye shadows other bits to try out.

Have you used anything from this collection?


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Before and After Makeup

I haven’t really posted any pictures of me with makeup on so I thought maybe it was about time I did a before and after. It was actually quite fun because I took photos at different stages. Apologies for the state of my hair, I was a windy day and I just really didn’t want to do anything with it (and my fringe is shamelessly clipped up).

All of the products I used are affordable and I bought them in high street shops. The picture above is me with absolutely nothing on and no editing too and the one next to it is with the Barry M primer and the L’Oreal Infallible Base also not edited. I like this combination as it really smooths out my face and makes it look more evenly toned.

I have quite a lot of redness generally all over my face which is super annoying on days that I don’t want to wear makeup but I kind of just tend to get over it. I have just bought the new Flawless Colour Correcting Primer by Barry M. I have never tried any Barry M makeup products before so this is really interesting to use. It looks scarier than it is, honest. I found that you have to shake the bottle a little bit otherwise it comes out watery.

I used the Rimmel Coral Glow Sculpting Palette to slightly contour my cheek bones and make them more defined. I like this because it’s not a heavy colour and seems to compliment my skin quite nicely. I then use the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights to highlight under my eyes and on top of my cheeks. The products picks up on the brush so easily and gives a lovely Spring glow. I always put on blush last as I like it to go over the top of everything and I so obsessed with Kiko’s Rebel Bouncy Blush in the shade 02 Adorable Pink and it really is adorable. I have not gone a day without wearing it since I discovered it!

For eyes I used the Clinique Colour Surge eye shadow trio which unfortunately I can’t find a link for anywhere! This is what I call my ‘safe’ option. It’s a really lovely, easy to use eye shadow and I just love it for everyday wear as it lasts really well and I never have a problem with it creasing and it highlights the eyes really beautifully.

I have also been using the They’re Real Tinted Primer by Benefit which I have in a sample size and it really does make the eyes look so much better than just going in with mascara.


For mascara I generally use the Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama which I have loved from day one. I then used Kiko Deep Black Eye Marker and I have fallen in love with this too. The nib makes it really precise and you don’t have to keep going over and over it so it’s super quick to use in the morning before work which is always going to be a plus for me. On my brows I used the L’Oreal Brow Artist Shaper followed by the Brow This Way Styling gel. I love the colour of this pencil as it matches my brow colour well when normally they’re too dark for me as I only have thin eyebrows.

On my lips I’m wearing the Arrow Lip Balm which I got in this months Birchbox and it has a lovely texture on my lips, smells of mint and is such a nice pink shade on my lips so it’s a win win all round.

Finally a photo of the finished look. For me this is a good everyday work makeup look and it doesn’t take me long at all.

WP_20160316_15_30_47_Pro (2)

Do you use any of these products? What are your thoughts?

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Latest in Beauty – The Glamour Spring Edit

When I got an email through from promoting the launch of Glamour’s spring beauty box I just had to buy it immediately. I love trying out new things and there were a couple of products I have never tried in so I was super excited. As an added bonus there was also a code in the email for free postage and it arrived within a couple of days!

The box itself is a lovey smooth black box with a cover sleeve with the name on. I love the idea of this because it means when I have used these bits up I can use it for storing other bits in too. Obviously the packaging in general is just so cute and beautifully wrapped.

The picture above shows all the items you receive in the box and they’re all such a lovely size. Especially the two full size makeup items… what more could you ask for for just £17.99!

WP_20160305_11_55_10_Pro (2)

I am looking forward to trying Malin+Goetz face moisturizer and the Illamaque eyeliner the most I think as I have never tried these before and I am always looking out for new face creams for sensitive skin so I’m hoping this one is a winner.

Overall I am really please with everything in the box and can’t wait to try out all the bits properly and give you an update as to whether it is worth buying the full size items!

Have you purchased this box or tried any of the items in it?

A- x

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No7 Single Eye Shadow

I have been waiting to upload this post until I could get a decent shot of me actually wearing it! So today I am writing about the Stay Perfect eye shadow from the Cappuccino Trio. I don’t know what it is, but for a little while now I have been drawn towards these beautiful shimmering, glittery shadows. I mainly wear this for evenings out as it’s a lovely glam gold shade and I think it’s more evening-friendly than for day-time wear.


This honestly is a ‘does what it says on the tin’ prodcut as it really does stay. I wore this the other night to a meal with friends and it was so hot in there and we were there for around 4 hours; Some of the other cheaper eye shadows I have might have creased and move on my face but this really stuck to my lids so nicely.

WP_20160207_11_28_57_Pro (2)

As it’s so pigmented it applies really easily and the shimmer in it adds to the glam,I sometimes even just wear this by itself when I can’t be bothered to put effort in or dont have time.

I don’t remember where I got this single shadow from but the trio is such a good price at just £9.50. I love no7 because they feel like my higher end products without the price which has always got to be a bonus!

What other shimmery eye shadows can you recommend?

A -x

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