Hot Holiday Skincare Tips

I’m not really a summer holiday kinda person but I have lived in a warm country during summer months so know how much it can effect my skin. This post is going to be a few things that will hopefully help keep your skin hydrated and looking its best during the warmer months. The way the weather has been in England recently you don’t even need to go on holiday for this to apply to you!

Firstly, you might be sick of reading this one everywhere but I really can’t stress enough how important it is. Drinking enough water. You need more water when it’s warmer because your body is using more. I really notice during the day if I haven’t had enough to drink because my lips get so dry they begin to crack, I tend to get more headaches and I just don’t feel as energetic because I haven’t had anything refreshing to drink. If you’re abroad make sure you keep to bottled water too because we aren’t used to the same bacteria that is in other water.

Wearing SPF. The skin on your face is delicate and it needs protection from the sun so if you don’t like wearing suncream on your face I would recommend wearing moisturiser with SPF or makeup with SPF. Not only does it keep your skin protected it stops it from drying out too. This is a toss up between No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream or the Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser with SPF 30 in.

IMG_0517 (2).JPG

Washing your face in the morning and evening. This might come across as a ridiculous suggestion because it’s so basic but it’s easy to forget when you’re not in your usual routine of doing things. I would choose one really good reliable cleanser that you know you like. Mine would be the Ren Gentle Cleansing Gel   because I know this one never lets me down and is perfect for potentially sensitive skin.

When I’m away for anything longer than 1 week I take either a mini or sachet facial mask. Doing a mask is part of my skincare routine so why should it be any different when I’m on holiday? Make some time one evening and carry out a relatively normal skincare routine for you, whether this is a 3 step cleanse, mask or just taking more time on cleansing and hydrating your skin from the outside.

Those a just a few things I think about skincare wise if I’m going somewhere hot of jsut generally through the summer. Do you have any that you always stick to?



The Body Shop Vitamin C Day Cream

I am very much into day creams and I’m so glad that I decided to purchase this one. If I’m honest the only reason I bought it is because I was running out of my Ole Henriksen truth serum and it was bought out of sheer panic but I’m really happy that I did, it has so many good qualities.

WP_20160501_10_45_02_Pro (2)

When I first tried this day cream I hated it. Everything about it just screams sun  cream but after using it for a while now I’ve grown to love it so much. The texture of cream is really thick but it absorbs super quickly on my skin but also spreads evenly as the same time. I have been putting this on under my foundation and I swear it is this that has been making it last throughout the day so well. I wouldn’t use this under makeup if you don’t like a glowy look just because it does still keep a kind of sheen under the surface.

One of the amazing qualities this product has is that is contains SPF 30. For me this is a massive plus for a day cream and you know you are going to stay protected from the sun and weathering on you face. I think of it as almost like a quick fix as it instantly moisturises my face, mixed with a long term protector as it will prevent aging from the sun.


As I said above, I wear this under my makeup and I actually wouldn’t want to wear it without makeup. My reason for this is that it leaves my face really quite shiny and sometimes depending on what kind of skin day I’m having it stings from the vitamin C and can make my face look slightly red and flushed for a little while but it goes eventually.

I love the smell of this cream! It has such a zesty summery scent and I always think of summer every time I put it on! I would say if you don’t like scented things on your face then this probably isn’t for you but it’s not something you can smell after a little while once it has sunk into your skin.

 Once this tube finishes I know that I will be replacing it with another one just because my skin seems to LOVE vitamin C products. Since I have been using my vitamin C serum and day cream every day my under-skin spots and red patches really have faded so much I even get compliments on how flawless my skin looks now which always shocks me! This is also a much cheaper alternative to the Ole Henriksen serum which is a plus for when I can’t afford it!

Do you use any vitamin C face products? Let me know what they are!


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The Body Shop Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

Before purchasing the Rainforest Shine Shampoo and Conditioner I had never actually tried any of The Body Shop’s hair care range. I decided to pick these up when I was doing a massive shopping spree on their website during one of their huge sales! Whoever says they can resist a Body Shop sale is lying.

Admittedly the main reason I picked these up is because they were in the sale but I’m so glad I tried them. As with all Body Shop products the shampoo and conditioner are eco-responsible and free from silicones, sulphates, colourants and parabens. I’m not an expert on these kind of things but know what when a product is free from these things they are meant to be better for you.It might not feel healthier but it is. I have used this a few times and it doesn’t make my hair feel nice at all and it is frizzier after using these two products but that’s mainly because my hair’s not coated in silicone.

WP_20160424_12_50_45_Pro (2)

After using The Body Shop Shampoo and Conditioner and blown dry

For me the packaging is a bit of a let down just because of how hard the bottles are it’s quite hard to squeeze when you’re in the shower. The cap is also hard to get off for me. These are probably only issues that I have but they exist all the same. I don’t mind too much but I just have to loosen the caps before I get in the shower so then it’s not too much of a problem.

I wish I had read the instructions on these before I started using them because I would probably have a higher opinion of the shampoo than I do but it wasn’t until after a couple of times I thought about looking at the back! There it says to mix the shampoo in wet hands to foam up first before you put it on your hair as opposed to what I normally do which is to put a blob in my hand and whack it straight onto my head! After using it (right way or no right way) it does leave my hair feeling lovely and clean which is obviously why you use shampoo but it doesn’t cling or anything like that.


The conditioner for me is not really heavy duty enough. I like thick conditioners because my hair is so long and thick and gets frizzy really easily. I always leave the conditioner in my hair tied up whilst I wash my body just so it gets enough time to work its magic. When rinsing this out it doesn’t make my hair feel any different to before I put it in which is kind of disappointing for me because I really wanted to like it. I might just need to get used to it who knows?

After using these for a little while I still don’t think I am completely happy with how they leave my hair because I don’t style it too much so love being able to leave it after I’ve washed it but when I use this it just feels a bit straw-like which obviously isn’t what I’m after. I do think however, that I might try some of their moisture hair treatment to see how that works out.

Let me know if you have tried any of Body Shop’s hair products!


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Facial Oil Fascination

This post is part 2 of a mini skincare series. If you missed it, part 1 is here. Until a few months ago, facial oils wasn’t something I had dabbled in but I’m so glad that I did. In this post I will discuss three different facial oils I have been sampling and trying out. These oils are something that I use as part of a routine, I use the same one every morning but occasionally mix it up in the evenings.


The first one I am going to talk about is from Ole Henriksen. This was in a beauty box that I’m subscribed to and I had never really been that into oils before actually trying this one and even though it’s only been a a short couple of months I have been using it, I feel like I can say this has already made a difference to my dry skin. Not only does it have an amazing orangey-zesty scent the formula of the oil is amazing. I have been using this mostly in the morning but also every other night and it doesn’t sit on the skin at all. I love that it absorbs straight away and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and replenished of moisture. This is a pricey product so if you are already in a happy place with your skin care routine I wouldn’t buy this until you next run out of your current oil nevertheless this is amazing.


The next oil I’m going to talk about is the LOreal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil  which I picked up in Boots. I would say this is definitely more of a night product because it is very heavy on my skin and for a while kind of sits on top of your skin. The scent of this is lovely and warming but I can’t see myself using this on a regular basis just because of how heavy this is. I’m also not sure how good for my skin this particular oil is compared to others that I use and love.


Lastly I have two The Body Shop facial oils that I want to talk about. Although I use and love Body Shop shower gels, body butters and other products I hadn’t actually ever tried any of their skincare or facial oil products so I decided to invest in one as I love their other products so much and I actually timed this so well because there was a spend £25.00 get a skincare set work £20.00 free! You really can’t get much better than that. I went for the Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil from the Oils of Life range. This is honestly one of those products that makes you feel luxurious and pampered. There’s so many beautiful ingredients in the oil it not only feel amazing on my skin it smell so good and herbal which makes it a lovely product to pamper yourself and indulge in.


Finally, the last oil I have been enjoying in the evening the one that came in the free skincare set in my order. This is the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil for 8 hours. This sinks into my skin so well, it has a much more floral scent than the Oils of Life product which is really relaxing. It’s also super hydrating which for me is always going to be a big bonus due to my dry skin issues. I also want to say how much the packaging is really pretty looks and looks nice and elegant on my bedside table.


Let me know what facial oils you use and when you use them!


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