Product of the Week #1

I have so many different products that I use and try out and some that never make it on to my blog simply because it would be impossible to write about everything. I thought it would be a really nice idea to do some posts focused on the products that sometimes never make it onto my blog, especially since I have started really making an effort to use up my sample sized products!

Today is all about the Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser I got this in a beauty box recently and since I’m working my way through my samples and my skin is struggling with the transition from Summer to Autumn/Winter so I thought this would be the perfect time to try it out. This is from their Age Reform range which I don’t buy hardly any anti-aging products specifically but it doesn’t matter particularly.

IMG_1127 (2).JPG

As you all probably know I have dry skin and it was getting a lot better but since the colder weather it really hasn’t been coping as well and none of my usual products seem to be working their magic right so I needed something to rescue my skin. This is a really gentle exfoliator and I have been using it all over my face three times a week because it’s not harsh on my skin at all.

It has a lovely creamy texture and it’s only once you start rubbing it into your skin that you notice the exfoliating granules in it. I love to concentrate this around my nose area and my cheeks because that’s where I tend to get horrible dry flaky skin that needs more attention.

I use this only in the evening time so I can put on a good moisturiser on after to sink in throughout the night and re-hydrate my face and when I wake up it always feels much more revived and frest. I always find that after using this, The next morning my makeup applies so beautifully and smoothly which is the best!

As far as would I buy the full size? I’m not really too sure because although it is a massive 200ml bottle, I’m not entirely sure that £34.00 is worth spending on a cleanser when there are others that I have yet to discover that are cheaper. For the time being, until my good-sized sample runs out, I am very happy using this up!

Let me know what Murad products you have tried, do you have the full size?



An Updated Skincare Routine

I wanted to update you all on my skin because it’s been so much better these past three or four months. By sticking to a good skincare routine I have managed to reduce my red blemishes on my cheeks and the under-skin spots as well as help my dry skin stay much more hydrated.


In the morning I like to use a basic cleanser because I don’t have too much time to get ready. My favourite one for the last few months has been The Body Shop Tea Tree foaming cleanser. I wet my hands and rub two pumps directly onto my face and then wipe off with a muslin cloth. It’s really quick, keeps my face clean and with it being a tea tree product it helps with my blemishes and prevents break outs.

IMG_2586 (2).JPG

I have also been using the Urban Veda Reviving Hydrating toner each time after cleansing. I got this in a beauty box and for a toner, it’s really gentle on my skin and I never get any horrible stinging which is such a bonus. The ingredients are mostly natural which helps a lot towards it being good and gentle on my skin.

Every day without fail I use my No 7 Beautiful Skin for normal/dry skin to moisturise. I did go through a faze of not using this and in the summer I used a serum as well as this moisturiser but for now I’m just sticking with this. It’s one of those products that I always find myself going back to, especially being someone who has dry skin it is something I rely on.


The past week or so I am very much guilty of not taking my makeup properly since I ran out of my micellar water I have resorted to using face wipes. After that though I have been using everyone’s favourite… the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I love using this in the evenings because not only is the scent relaxing but the texture is really calming on my skin which helps with relaxing. After this I use the same toner as above because it’s really gentle and it smells so good!

IMG_2590 (2).JPG

I have really been loving the Malin & Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer too. I use this all over my face after toning and I like this one at night becasue it’s such a fast absorbing product. It’s water based and absorbs really well before I go to bed which I can’t stand sticky products on my face before going to sleep. This is also a really gentle cream and hardly has a scent so is a perfect night cream.

So that’s an update of the products I am currently using on my face. Let me know if you use any of these or have any ones I should try!


Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

Everybody here knows I love a good face mask. It’s one of my favourite parts of my skincare routine so whenever there is a new one to try I get all excited about it! I was lucky enough to be sent the Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask for the purposes of reviewing and it is like no other mask I’ve tried before.

Let’s talk about the packaging. I love that it comes in a dark jar-like tub and the colour of it reminds me of old pharmacy bottles which also suits the font because it’s also very vintage. The tub is actually plastic but because it hold so much product it’s still really weighty.

IMG_1465 (2).JPG

The texture of this is smooth but still fairly thick. It’s got quite a creamy feel to it and does’t feel as harsh as some detoxifying masks can be. I apply this with a flat foundation brush because I hate dipping my nails into this deep jar and I can always get a good thick layer on my skin. Due to the texture of this it also washes off really nicely and you don’t have to scrub half the layers of your skin away to get it off! There’s also not much of a smell, just a faint mask-like scent if that’s such a thing!! (It is to me.)

You may or may not be aware but my skin type is dry and I quite often get horrible itchy patches of dry skin on my face and neck if I don’t stick to a good routine. One of the reasons this mask is so perfect for me is that it never dries. I have been using this for a few weeks now and even though I apply a thick layer and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes it still doesn’t dry. I like using this when I haven’t really been being kind to my skin and it’s needs a little more TLC and moisture.

IMG_1474 (2).JPG

I’m really impressed with this mask because my skin always feels lovely immediately after using it but also stays lovely; I think one of the reasons for this is because there are no ‘nasties’ in the ingredients it’s all natural which is a bonus. My makeup always applies better the day after using it and I never have any break-outs afterwards and my skin looks generally better looked after.

This is ones of those masks that even if you don’t have the same skin type a me (dry) this would still work for you as a pampering and detoxifying mask. Let me know if you have tried this or another non-drying mask!


L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Trio Review

Face masks. There’s nothing better in my opinion, there’s always one to make your day better somehow. I can’t imagine a relaxing evening without putting on a face mask and putting up my feet. When my skins going through a bad patch I turn to masks to sort my face out. With L’Oreal coming out with these three there is a little bit of something for everyone and their needs.

IMG_0964 (2).JPG

Pure Clay Purity Mask 

The first one I am going to talk about is the Purity Mask. This was the first one out of the trio that I tried and I am thoroughly impressed with how it left my skin looking and feeling. The smell of all of this mask is quite strong but not overpowering at all, it’s more of a herbal/spice kind of scent which is nice and relaxing. The consistency of the product is fairly thick but not too hard to spread a good amount over my whole face. The box says it contains enough for 10 applications but I think I will get more out of it and for £7.99 that’s not bad at all!

Pure Clay Glow Mask 

This is my least favourite mask out of them all. This contains ‘3 pure clays and red algae’ which is nice but the scent of this one is quite overwhelming and doesn’t really fade once on my skin which is the main reason I’m not keen on it. The texture of this one is really granulated which makes it dry harder than a usual mask. When I wash this off it always feels horrible and scratchy on my face which I don’t like. My skin is always smooth after this one but I don’t think I don’t see myself buying this one in the future.

Pure Clay Detox Mask 

This is my absolute favourite and pretty up there against my other mask favourites too. The Detox Mask leaves my skin looking and feeling so smooth and hydrated and every time I use it it’s as if I have used an expensive spa product. This one smells amazing and includes charcoal which always leaves my pores looking detoxified and smaller so I use this a minimum of once a week but it recommends using it 2-3 times a week although I do think that is a bit excessive. Not only do I see an immediate effect on my skin the next day it’s so lovely applying makeup there’s no dry patches or breakout and I always have a perfect base after using it.

IMG_0701 (2)

Overall I would say if you could only buy one of these masks it would be the Detox Mask just because of how well it works for me and my skin. The good thing with all these masks is that they can either be used individually or used for multi-masking on areas that need special treatment so I think it’s definitely worth trying them out!

Have you tried any of these masks? What are your thoughts?


*Products in this post have been sent to me for the purpose of reviewing but all opinions remain my own.

Kiko Milano BB Cream

I am a massive fan of all things by Kiko so recently when I was shopping I decided to pick up one of their BB Creams because I didn’t have one and I was interested to see what their face products are like because I have mainly stuck to eye makeup products. (After finishing writing and reading this I have come back to apologise for for being such a Moaning Myrtle all throughout!)

When I was testing them in the store they all seemed to test out really dark which did worry me slightly but I decided to buy the lightest one anyhow. For me BB Creams should have a little bit of skincare with a little bit of makeup type formula but I’m actually slightly disappointed by this one. I don’t know whether it’s because I expect too much from Kiko or something but it really hasn’t been working for me.

IMG_0571 (2)

How the BB Cream looks at first 

The product is both light and thick at the same time which gives it good coverage; I need the smallest amount and it spreads over my face really nicely but it also dries it out a lot. I tend to use BB Creams more in the summer because I don’t want to be wearing thick, heavy foundations but after a while I can start to feel this sitting on my face and isn’t comfortable at all which is a shame because I normally love Kiko.

As it is slightly thicker than I would like, it can be a little bit difficult to work with. It has to be worked into my skin quite a lot before there is an even coverage but that might be perhaps because it’s a tad too dark for me I don’t know and once I get to that stage it only looks OK. I think one of the reasons I find it hard to work with is because it comes out white but the more you rub it in it gets darker! This isn’t just slightly darker; it really stands out on my skin!

IMG_0573 (2).JPG

The BB Cream after blended in

Overall I this isn’t the product for me, I want something that is easy to work with and is more light-weight than this particular BB Cream. I love that it has SPF although as I am mainly wearing a product like this during the summer I do feel like I would like it to have a higher level SPF. This might be the perfect thing for someone with already perfect skin that doesn’t tend to dry out so I might be passing this on to one of my friends who will get better use out of it!

Have you tried any face products by Kiko?


Eden’s Semilla Pure Jojoba Oil

For a few weeks now I have been using the Pure Jojoba Oil by Eden’s Semilla on my hair, skin and face. I have been really enjoying using a product that is so well priced and can be used all over my body. I’m one of these people that likes the idea of moisturising every time I get out the shower but it hardly ever happens so this has made my life so much easier being an all in one kinda product.


The first time I used this oil was on my face. I am massively into facial oils and love having that deep hydration over night, especially during the summer months. The oil it’s self comes with a normal bottle top as well as a pipette which is what I prefer to use so when I use this I put 2 drops in my fingertips before rubbing it over my face and neck. What I love about this for using on my face overnight is that it isn’t strongly scented and the scent itself smells really natural. It also absorbs into my skin so well so I feel like it’s really giving me that extra moisture.


I have been using this on the ends of my hair just after I have washed it and it’s still wet. I prefer to apply it this way rather than on dry hair just because I’m not very good with my hair and it’s better for me to leave it to be absorbed by my hair whilst it’s drying. Even after the  first time of using this my hair not only looked lovely and shiny and healthy it felt it too. I feel like it’s worth using this product just for my hair alone.

WP_20160814_16_03_28_Pro (2)


I have horrible patches of dry skin on the backs of my arms and no matter what I use or vitamins I take it just won’t budge. In the evenings after showering and every other morning I have been rubbing a small amount on to the backs of my arms and I feel like even though it doesn’t look as though it’s improved anything it certainly feels like it has. Because this oil doesn’t sit on my skin it has been so easy to just apply and get dressed afterwards without worrying about my clothes sticking to me or being uncomfortable.

Overall this oil has worked with my hair and skin type beautifully and due to its multi-uses it has made my life easier when I’m on the go. They also have a Vitamin C Serum which I am really interested in trying to compare to my Ole Henriksen serum because the price difference is huge!

Let me knows what all in one oils you use for your hair, skin and nails!


*This post contains products that have been sent to me for the purpose of reviewing but all opinions remain my own.

Hot Holiday Skincare Tips

I’m not really a summer holiday kinda person but I have lived in a warm country during summer months so know how much it can effect my skin. This post is going to be a few things that will hopefully help keep your skin hydrated and looking its best during the warmer months. The way the weather has been in England recently you don’t even need to go on holiday for this to apply to you!

Firstly, you might be sick of reading this one everywhere but I really can’t stress enough how important it is. Drinking enough water. You need more water when it’s warmer because your body is using more. I really notice during the day if I haven’t had enough to drink because my lips get so dry they begin to crack, I tend to get more headaches and I just don’t feel as energetic because I haven’t had anything refreshing to drink. If you’re abroad make sure you keep to bottled water too because we aren’t used to the same bacteria that is in other water.

Wearing SPF. The skin on your face is delicate and it needs protection from the sun so if you don’t like wearing suncream on your face I would recommend wearing moisturiser with SPF or makeup with SPF. Not only does it keep your skin protected it stops it from drying out too. This is a toss up between No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream or the Body Shop Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser with SPF 30 in.

IMG_0517 (2).JPG

Washing your face in the morning and evening. This might come across as a ridiculous suggestion because it’s so basic but it’s easy to forget when you’re not in your usual routine of doing things. I would choose one really good reliable cleanser that you know you like. Mine would be the Ren Gentle Cleansing Gel   because I know this one never lets me down and is perfect for potentially sensitive skin.

When I’m away for anything longer than 1 week I take either a mini or sachet facial mask. Doing a mask is part of my skincare routine so why should it be any different when I’m on holiday? Make some time one evening and carry out a relatively normal skincare routine for you, whether this is a 3 step cleanse, mask or just taking more time on cleansing and hydrating your skin from the outside.

Those a just a few things I think about skincare wise if I’m going somewhere hot of jsut generally through the summer. Do you have any that you always stick to?