Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette

I feel like I’m probably unfashionably late to this party but I have only just recently delving into the cream contour world. I am so much more of a powder girl when it comes to contour but when such amazing brands bring out palettes like this for just £8.00 how can a girl resist?!

IMG_2056 (2).JPG

The Everyday Look

This is one of those palettes that is amazing for all types of makeup days and I really feel like this is a one palette covers it all product. For my everyday makeup I have only been sticking to just one contour shade (second in bottom row) which is such a good shade for me personally because it’s not too warm which prevents it from looking muddy. I use this to emphasise my cheek bones, add shadow to my temples and under my jawline to create more defined features as I have quite a chubby face.

The shade third on the top row I use as a brightening concealer under my eyes. All of these blend out so nicely it makes it so easy to use which was a lovely surprise when I was first starting to use this palette because I can’t stand thick waxy products on my face but the texture of these is beautiful. The consistency all the shades make it easy to blend and has definitely converted me! Also because of this it’s easy to apply either with fingers or a brush and I have really been enjoying using my fingers for the contour shade and a brush for the concealer and highlight.

IMG_2069 (2).JPG

As with almost all Makeup Revolution products the highlight in the top right corner is amazing. I probably can’t rave about it enough but for my everyday makeup I have recently been using this under my eyebrows and not so much on the tops of my cheeks because for some reason I’ve fallen out of love with that for everyday wear! Shocking I know! I use a brush to apply this as it’s more precise but it leaves such a lovely cool glow.

A More Dramatic Look 

I still stick to the same contour shade but I mix it with the next shade up for my cheeks because I like it to look a bit more sculpted for an evening out which is normally when I would be doing a heavier makeup look. However, I stick to my normal routine for my forehead and jawline or it would look ridiculous on my skin tone!

However, for a more dramatic look the highlighter really makes if for this palette, Makeup Revolution have some amazing powder highlighters so I wasn’t really surprised when this one truly delivered! I use this not only on my brow bone but for an evening look I love applying this to the tops of my cheeks because it’s more than just a natural glow it’s more just like  a pure glow and it’s amazing!


Overall I would definitely recommend this palette to everyone! It’s one that brilliant for people that are already into makeup but also such a good price for people to buy to practice with cream contour makeup. As I said before as well it’s an all in one palette that’s good for every look. Let me know if you’ve ever used this palette or what cream contour products you use!




Review: Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye

I’m not a huge concealer lover and only have a small collection of mainly drugstore concealers but as winter will soon be here and my under eyes going through a bad phase of darkness I decided to try something a bit more heavy duty and heavy duty this is!


The packaging of this is pretty standard but nice all the same. It comes in a box to keep it protected and the product itself is in a squeezy tube. The hole where the concealer comes from is a nice size, not too small and not too big which makes it easy to use and apply with no mess.

IMG_2024 (2).JPG

Colour Match

I have the shade 2 which I think is a good match to balance out the colour under my eyes, however, I wouldn’t use this as a concealer on the rest of my face though just because it wouldn’t really match as well and it doesn’t blend in very easily.


This has got to be one of the thickest concealers I have ever used and this is one of those products that needs to be warmed up in your fingers to have a nice application because it’s so thick. I tried just using a brush and it took so long to spread anywhere and didn’t look anywhere near as smooth and nice on the face. It doesn’t really feel heavy or as if it’s sitting on your skin which is a bonus considering how thick it is!

IMG_2033 (2).JPG

Lasting Power 

For me, this is much more of an evening or special event concealer because although it’s thick and it doesn’t go patch or move around my face it does tend to crease after a while. If you’re willing or have the time during the day to touch this up you might really like it for every day use but I much prefer using this on the odd occasion especially as I have dry skin.

Overall, the High Coverage Concealer for Under Eye is an expensive product at £24 for 8ml but this is definitely a full coverage product that you need the smallest amount for so will last a good while. If you’re in the market for a heavy duty concealer this is so worth checking out because I really like this one.


Affordable Autumn Lipstick Picks

There’s something about autumn that just makes me want to wear lipstick much more than any other time of year and I love the warm, berry shades and brown nudes that are available in the drugstore right now. I have managed to limit myself tomy top picks this season that are all affordable.

The first is one that I only bought recently but is one that has quickly become my every day, handbag lipstick and that’s the L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in the shade Erotique. This is a lovely brown, ashy orange nude and is such a good every day colour for in the office. I love the formula of these lipsticks which I have since bought two more shades. It’s a creamy application and does dry a little on the lips but doesn’t have that horrible-sucking-the-life-out-of-you feeling.

IMG_1867 (2).JPG

Next is a Rimmel lipstick and is one that I’ve had for a while but never fails to impress me and now it’s autumn I’m definitely even more into the colour of this one. It’s a smooth, creamy product that stays creamy on the lips without moving around the face. It smells ever so lightly of watermelon and has a lovely sheen to it but I really like wearing it to jazz up a plain makeup look. I also think the shade of this is more of a pinky red so if you’re not too into dark or bright reds would be perfect for you.


My Model Co lipstick is something I got in a beauty box and although I have worn it to a few evening things but haven’t really had the chance to wear it for any length of time until now. The colour is such a lovely, deep red and now is the best time for me to enjoy wearing it. It’s so pigmented, easy and smooth to apply. Although this isn’t actually a matte lipstick I never have problems with my lips drying out and the texture is really nice.


Another lipstick I have been using more and more the the Cougar Liquid Lipstick in Mulberry. This isn’t a brand I had heard of before receiving this in yet another beauty box but the colour is so divine I can’t resist using it now the real autumnal weather has arrived. It dries fairly quickly and I wouldn’t want to wear this too many days in a row but the I can’t tell you how much I love this purple, pinky liquid lipstick.


Let me know which lip picks you are loving this season! I have a growing obsession for lipsticks which is unlike me because I’m usually more of a lip balm kinda girl.


Makeup Revolution Halloween Haul

Halloween is fast approaching and I have been seeing so many people raving about the special collection Makeup Revolution have brought out especially for Halloween so being the makeup addict I am I decided to pick up a few things. I was really excited to pick these bits up because I feel like Makeup Revolution have really dominated the Halloween Makeup market this year. I picked all these items up in my local Superdrug store which isn’t a large one so if you live in a bigger town you will most definitely be able to get your hands on these! I will go through the bits I picked up and create a few looks in following posts yet to come!

First I picked up the Ghost Whitener to ‘brighten and whiten your complexion’ and this is essentially a white base that isn’t from one of those cheap nasty face paint palettes. I have used this to create Halloween look on one of my friends and it has quite a thick texture and definitely needs a setting spray but it does spread nice and evenly over the face and is nice to use. I love the size of the bottle because it’s not too big but not too small because the only time of year I will use this is Halloween so it would be a waste for there to be any more.

Next I picked up the Ghost Stories Kit which is a face palette that contains six cream white, grey and black shades and two powder shades in black and white. Again, the size of each of these shades is really nice and being part of the Freedom range which is part of TAM Beauty you can tell this is more designed for makeup artists. The cream ones are super creamy and pigmented which is really nice because most Halloween looks are bold. The powder shades are also super pigmented because I wondered how the white one would show up but it’s pretty amazing and like the cream shades, so easy to work with.

IMG_1759 (2).JPG

I also picked up one cream and one powder contour product, both have one white and one black shade. The powder product comes in a lovely large pan bit enough to be able to get your brushes in to use to contour. The pigmentation is really nice but the white shade does have a bit of fall out but not so much that it bothers me. It’s not going to be an every day product so I’m happy with the quality overall. The cream contour stick is really easy to use and is a double ended product which is nice. However, I was a it disappointed the black wasn’t as pigmented as the cream product in the Ghost Stories Kit.

IMG_1764 (2).JPG

The last products I picked up were lip products. They have brought out a really nice Beyond Vamp lip set which contains three full size matte lipsticks with one black, red purple and darker purple colour which are all so nice and these could definitely be used throughout winter if you’re a bit more daring and at £6.00 for three lipsticks of this quality it’s a bargain! I also bought one of the Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers in the shade Velvet Vamp which I can’t believe I haven’t tried before. It is seriously velvety and not at all uncomfortable or too drying on my lips.

IMG_1770 (2).JPG

All in all, these Halloween products are definitely worth checking out and for all of these only totaling £28.00 you can create so many looks, even just by adding an eye shadow palette you already have. If you’re at uni it’s so worth clubbing in with a few friends because let’s face it you’re not going to wear these products much more throughout the year!! Let me know if you have any of these and if you have created any spooky looks with them yet! My looks to come…


My Weekend Travel Makeup Bag

This weekend I am going to Brussels for a couple of days and we have decided to do the whole trip by train to prepare ourselves for when we for when we travel round Europe next year. Traveling like this though means we will not have much space to pack many things at all so I have thought very carefully about what makeup I am going to take. If you’ve ever traveled with hardly anything please let me know because I think I need all the advice I can get!

I’m taking the Body Shop Skin Primer Moisturise It (which I can’t find online) because my skin seems to really benefit from using it along side my normal moisturiser. It also helps my makeup last all day which is a must if I’m going to be busy walking around a city all day.

For foundation I am taking a drugstore, mainly because it’s cheaper so if I lose it it’s not the end of the world! The one I am taking is the L’Oreal True Match because it’s just so easy to use when I don’t have much time. I won’t be wearing that much makeup or spending much time getting ready so there’s no point taking my best products because let’s face it they really won’t be appreciated fully during this weekend away!

The blush palette I will be taking will be the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush palette in Golden SugarI really like this one when I am in a bit of a hurry I literally just have to dab my brush lightly into the bronzer because it’s so pigmented and I use the lighter shade to lightly dust all over my face to warm it up a bit more. The blush is a bit more shimmery than I would like but I do like the colour so it’s a brilliant all in one palette.


The mascara I will be taking is the YSL Luxurious Mascara for Instant False Lash Effect I have been really loving this recently because it holds my lashes well and it’s such a pure black it lasts well all day long. It’s also really easy to get length on my top lashes and I don’t have to use another mascara to get to my bottom lashes.

For my brows I am taking the pencil I use every day and that’s the L’Oreal Brow Artist Pencil. I feel like it’s a comfort zone thing because I hate trying new brow products but this one I really get on with, especially because I hardly have anything anyway.

I’m not taking any lipsticks because my lips are so dried out right now so I will just be taking a balm to keep them hydrated, especially because it’s a little bit cooler than it is here so I don’t want them to get chapped and horrible.

That’s a round up of the most important things I’m planning on taking away with me this weekend. Let me know if there’s anything you like taking on a weekend break?


Review: Clinique Superbalanced Silk Foundation

I have been wearing this foundation for about 3 weeks now and this has quickly become my go to foundation. I use quite a few Clinique makeup products but I have never used one of their foundations before and I now will be in the future as I have been thoroughly impressed with the Clinique Superbalanced Silk foundation. 7


I must admit, this is the only downside to this product. It comes in a box and the product itself is in a frosted glass square bottle which feels so luxurious and weighty to hold. Even though the glass bottle is lovely and aesthetically pleasing, I feel like I won’t be able to get the most out of it because of the shape of the bottle and it not having a pump or anything. However, it’s not the end of the world.

IMG_1536 (2).JPG

Colour Match

I bought this online which is a risky business but the shade I have which is 02 Silk Shell matches my skin tone really well which automatically makes it easier for me to like a foundation. Initially in the bottle and when I first put this on my hand I thought it would be too dark but once blended out on my face it matches so well. I would still recommend purchasing any foundation in store so you can try it out.


This foundation is so smooth and it claims to be an ‘ultra-fluid formula’ and that it ‘blends seamlessly’ which after wearing this for a few weeks I fully agree with.The application of the foundation is so easy and doesn’t have to be worked at all to be able to get a lovely finish. Even though this is a lightweight formula it has a good medium coverage and is easily build-able if you want a more full coverage look. It looks and feels like a second skin on my face and with the colour match being so good it’s a definitely my-skin-but-better product.


Lasting Power 

There are days when I am sometimes wearing my foundation for 14-15 hours a day so it’s important that I have a good long lasting base product to keep me looking fresh-faced and not tired. This one definitely lasts well and keeps my skin looking good for long periods of time. Sometimes though I have noticed when I use a setting powder it becomes a little flaky on my forehead towards the end of the day. This is an oil free foundation and I do have dry skin so it doesn’t bother me so much that after 12 hours it’s no longer looking its best because for most of the day it really makes my skin look amazing.

Overall I really like this foundation and I have been choosing to wear this almost every day since I have had it just because it works so well for an every day look and it quick and easy to use but is also perfect for special occasions which makes it such a good all-rounder. For £23.00 this isn’t the cheapest foundation but in saying that there are other high end foundations that aren’t as good and cost more so it’s worth trying a sample if you can get one to see if you like it before you buy!

Let me know if you have used the Clinique Superbalanced or Superbalanced Silk foundation and what are your thoughts?


Top 10 Under £10

I thought I would do a little round up of 10 of my favourite makeup products under £10! I have so many well priced items in my makeup collection that I use everyday and would recommend to everyone so why not round them all up into one post, I hope you enjoy!

Seventeen Skin WOW Primer – £5.99

This isn’t something I wear everyday but when I do I always have the best makeup days. I tend not to use this as a full on primer all over my face but more on the tops of my cheek bones before applying my foundation and it gives such a lovely glow without being too over the top.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – £5.99

This is by far one of my favourite lower priced foundations. The texture of this product suits my skin so well and although it is a normal to oily foundation I never have any issues with it making my skin look dry or patchy. I also love that the shade 105 matches me so well and always stays on all day too.

Maybelline Master Contour V Stick – £6.99 

This is a bit of a strange one because I absolutely love the contour shade on this stick but hate the highlight side of it. This is a cream stick and the contour shade blends in so beautifully and the light stick suites my skin so well so I tend to use this most days for a more ‘natural’ contour. However, the disappointing part is the highlight is so thick and waxy it just kind of sits on top of your face and doesn’t really blend out or anything which is such a shame!

IMG_1508 (2).JPG

Rimmel Kate Moss Sculpting Palette – £6.99

When I’m using a powder contour I really like using the Rimmel Sculpting palette and again the shades in this match my skin tone really well. I love that you get a highlight, contour and blush in this because even if you don’t want to use all three you can mix and match which is what I tend to do a lot of the time. The blush in this palette is so gorgeous I can’t even explain…. for £6.99 you should go get it!

Kiko Colour Veil Blush in 01 £2.30/£7.90

I’ve put the two prices because I have never seen this item not on sale and I am on their website a lot but just in case it ever does come off sale! This is the most amazing blushes I own! The texture is so smooth and silky and the colour is such a peachy pink it suits all seasons and just adds a lovely bit of colour to my cheeks.

L’Oreal Brow Artist Shaper 03 – £4.99 

I am much more of a brow pencil kinda girl than a powder and wax girl because I just find it easier and more precise. This one stays all day and I never have any disasters with this one. At the end of the day though it’s a brow pencil so there’s not a lot else to really say, it’s a good pencil.

Collection Primed & Ready Eye Primer – £4.99

Every time I wear this primer my eye shadow always stays on so well with no creases at all. I literally use a tiny dot and rub it all over my eyelid and wait for it to dry before applying any eye makeup. This always creates such a smooth base and makes my eye shadow stay the same all day long.

Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner – £6.00

I won’t ramble on too much about this one because I’m sure anyone into makeup would have tried this. I just love using this to create an everyday wing and it’s always lovely and precise as well as being the best blackest black.

IMG_1506 (2).JPG

Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless 32 Shadow Palette – £8.00

I love Makeup Revolution Palettes and this is one of my most used ones just because I love the range of shades which means I can either do a natural look for work or a more dramatic look for going out. They’re all so blendable and pigmented and just generally lovely to use.

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Shade 630 – £6.99

I have only had this lipstick a couple of weeks but I can not stop wearing it! It’s the perfect everyday lip colour with a slight orangey undertone which is going to be so perfect for when the colder autumn weather comes.

So that’s my top 10! Let me know if there’s anything else you love under £10 that I need to try!