Tackling Those Sample Products!

So recently I received yet another beauty box that I am subscribed to and after I had finished looking through all the bits inside I went to put them away in my little beauty cave… There was no room! It struck me then that I need to somehow tackle all these sample sized goodies! I think I’m subscribed to three beauty boxes so that’s quite a lot of new things to try each month!

IMG_2568 (2).JPG

I have now set myself a challenge to try and use as many as these up a month and actually get more into trying new things. I’ve got myself stuck in a rut of only trying something I’ve heard about or something that smells good and that just isn’t good enough! For someone who loves all things beauty it’s hard to to put aside the time to go through everything you might want to try so I thought I might as well start with all the lovely beauty bits I already have!

I started by separating them into skincare, hair and nail care and makeup. The makeup bits made their way straight to my makeup bag and I was surprised that I hadn’t already used some of them (which is why it’s always good to have a sort out). Once I had them in their own little pile I put them in separate boxes so I can work my way through them evenly.

A lot of people usually used up these kind of products when they go away and what not but I don’t really like to take a new product away with me just in case it doesn’t work out too well or it causes me to break out or get irritated skin by it. I decided the best way is to work my way through gradually and I would do mini reviews of each thing once I have gone through enough and let you know which ones I have decided are worth purchasing in the full size.

Let me know if you have any samples you need to work your way through!



Pink Parcel Review

I’ve heard of this beauty box a few times on twitter and on a couple of other blogs I read and thought the concept is such a good idea. As a lady there are some things in life that are compulsory and having your period for most women is one of them. If you don’t know, Pink Parcel is a unique kind of beauty box that gets delivered to you each month (conveniently) and is packed full of little gifts and necessities that may come in handy during that time of the month.

This was the first time I had ever tried Pink Parcel and for £10.50 including P&P I am pretty impressed. I’ve actually been quite fortunate to not suffer each month with crippling pains just annoying discomfort more than anything but this is still something I can see myself looking forward to cheering me up each month.

WP_20160719_20_55_39_Pro (2)

The box itself comes protected in cardboard and it doesn’t have anything on it to say where it’s from so don’t worry if you don’t want your parents or siblings or the postman to know as it just looks like any other parcel! It’s so beautifully packaged with everything in their own compartments which I really like because it keeps everything separate.

The first compartment is ‘For You – A little something to cheer you up’ and inside is a mixture of makeup items, sweet treats, tea and pampering items. Honestly, what more could you want to perk you up when you’re not feeling your best?!

WP_20160719_20_56_35_Pro (2)

In the middle there is a little box for night time that has some sanitary towels designed for overnight use and a little cotton bag you can put in your handbag. This little bag has emergency tampons, mini pads and you can add anything else you like to it and it ties up with a drawstring.

WP_20160719_20_57_17_Pro (2)

The final box is ‘For later – Keep these close by’, this box has more sanitary towels and tampons in which for me is more than enough to see me through my time of the month which is why I think this box is such good value for money. There’s also a little bonus envelope that has some Fab Little Bags in which are for you to be able to dispose of your tampons more hygienically and environmentally friendly. I have actually purchased these before and they are so handy I can’t believe how I ever got through without them *no exaggeration*!

WP_20160719_20_58_30_Pro (2)

If you’re after trying out something new and different with a bit of everything or even just want something to look forward to when it comes to that time, I would definitely recommend this box!

Let me know if you’ve heard of Pink Parcel before!



I am a serial beauty box buyer. I love trying new things and I love receiving gifts so what better concept than a beauty box? I have developed a bit of a love-hate relationship with various boxes but I still continue to subscribe to them and try out different ones, maybe it’s an addiction? I don’t know.

I was really pleased when this box arrived on Friday because I had completely forgotten about it and it has some real treats in there this month which I am definitely more than a little excited to try out. I have an ever growing box that all bits like this go in and it’s truly like a kid going to a pick ‘n’ mix shop.

IMG_0071 (2).JPG


In this months box is a lovely selection of products. The first thing I saw was the Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips. I was a little bit pleased to see these becasue recently I have been looking at the Minty Coco Teeth Whitening kit which I think is a lot more less chemically based than some whitening products but I am going to do some more research into it before I use either. I know that some can damage the enamel on your teeth but I want to know more about it first although I don’t think doing it once will cause any lasting damage.

There are a lot of moisturising and summer based products in this box which is really nice to trial a little bit before July/August time because if I like them I can buy them to keep my skin nice and hydrated through the warmer months.

IMG_0084 (2).JPG

The ones I’m most excited to try! 

One thing I’m particularly interested in is the Tan Organic Self Tan Oil. I have been self tanning a lot more recently and I feel like that because this is an oil it might be really hydrating on my skin compared to some other fake tanning. It also says you can apply it with your hand which I’m wary of but it would be nice if it cam be applied like that streak free because then I don’t have to worry about it! I will see how this works out but I’m excited to use it.

Overall I’m really please with this box and can’t wait to try out the different bits and pieces, this box is definitely worth it’s £15.00.

Have you tried any of the products in this months box?


Latest in Beauty Box – First Impressions

I have a love/hate relationship with beauty boxes but also have an addiction to trying out new things so I decided to try out the Latest in Beauty Soft Skin BoxOne thing that pulled me towards this one was that it is contains all skincare products which is my number one all time thing that I love over everything!

WP_20160428_18_49_39_Pro (2)

First of all lets talk prices. This box was £20.00 plus p&p and I am so happy with it because I really think it’s good value for money. I’m mainly comparing this to my experiences with other beauty boxes and although this is a one-off-box it has such a range of products and brands that I am really excited to try. I personally prefer to pay more for something like this than pay for a cheaper one and not be as excited about all the products in there.

What I love about these types of things is that it enables me to discover new for me brands that I never would have known about before. I have also discovered things that I never knew could eve exist such as the Anne Semonin Ultimate Solution for Dark Circles and Puffiness Ice Cube!  I love ideas like this and finding things to experiment with and potentially use in my every day life.

WP_20160501_08_49_20_Pro (2)

One thing I am a little disappointed about is that there is no leaflet or anything in the box to explain about each thing or how much the products are in full size. I do think that I will definitely try more of their boxes though and even make my own which looks really interesting!

Have you ever tried a Latest in Beauty Box?


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April Look Fantastic Box #LFBLOOMS

I have been experimenting with different beauty box subscriptions for a while now just because I love receiving little ‘presents’ each month and not knowing what it will be inside!


You can definitely tell this is a Spring box from the cover and I love reusing these for storage and other bits so it’s always brilliant when it’s lovely colours. You get such a mixture of things from makeup to skincare and hair products which is what makes them so appealing.

This months Look Fantastic box contains mostly body products and moisturisers which I’m a big fan of because with Summer coming up it’s nice to fall in love with a product that will keep the frizz away in the heat or your skin from being flaky because no one wants to get those legs out when they’re flaking away!

Edited 1.jpg

In boxes, I have received so many items from brands I’ve never even heard of like the Briogeo hair mask in this box for example. Rituals is a favourite of mine so I know I will love the scrub but I have never used anything by Balance Me  so I am super excited to get using these different bits! Admittedly I have given away the MyVitamins  to my boyfriend as I don’t use things like that at all.

Overall, I’m really happy with this box and really looking forward to trying out new some new products! I would really recommend the Look Fantastic box as I feel like it’s such good value for money compared to some of the others.

What beauty boxes have you tried?


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Latest in Beauty – The Glamour Spring Edit

When I got an email through from latestinbeauty.com promoting the launch of Glamour’s spring beauty box I just had to buy it immediately. I love trying out new things and there were a couple of products I have never tried in so I was super excited. As an added bonus there was also a code in the email for free postage and it arrived within a couple of days!

The box itself is a lovey smooth black box with a cover sleeve with the name on. I love the idea of this because it means when I have used these bits up I can use it for storing other bits in too. Obviously the packaging in general is just so cute and beautifully wrapped.

The picture above shows all the items you receive in the box and they’re all such a lovely size. Especially the two full size makeup items… what more could you ask for for just £17.99!

WP_20160305_11_55_10_Pro (2)

I am looking forward to trying Malin+Goetz face moisturizer and the Illamaque eyeliner the most I think as I have never tried these before and I am always looking out for new face creams for sensitive skin so I’m hoping this one is a winner.

Overall I am really please with everything in the box and can’t wait to try out all the bits properly and give you an update as to whether it is worth buying the full size items!

Have you purchased this box or tried any of the items in it?

A- x

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Derm Eyes Makeup Remover Wipes

During the week I was in the mood for mixing stuff up a bit and decided to try the Derm Eyes Makeup Remover Wipe which I got in a Birchbox a couple of months ago. I don’t generally use wipes on my face unless I get in at 3am and really don’t have the patience for my skincare routine at that time.

WP_20160225_19_17_15_Pro (2)

Derm Eyes Makeup Remover Wipe 

So the wipes are individually wrapped and are surprisingly big which I liked. The texture of the wipe was nice like a cloth-type material so made it feel more luxurious than a normal wipe and you definitely don’t need to double up the layers.

The product on the wipe is fairly greasy and it smells like savoury herbs which I found a tiny bit off putting. I used this to take off my eye makeup only as after all it is formulated to be an eye makeup remover. It worked so well. I didn’t have to apply any pressure to get my mascara and eyeliner off. On this particular day I was wearing a long lasting gel liner and with this there was no problem getting it off whereas with other wipes and makeup removers I have had to wipe my eyeballs to within an inch of their life! However, I did find it left a kind of film on my skin around my eyes which didn’t feel very nice but I wasn’t too bothered as I just went on to do my normal evening skincare routine.

Overall, although I’m not too keen on the scent, I really liked these wipes and I see myself purchasing these in the near future just as they are a really nice no-hassle wipe and it pleasant to use without scratching my face off! These would be good for travelling as they are wrapped individually but I probably wouldn’t use them as part of my routine as they are quite expensive for what they are.

Let me know what other wipes you use!


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