Tackling Those Sample Products!

So recently I received yet another beauty box that I am subscribed to and after I had finished looking through all the bits inside I went to put them away in my little beauty cave… There was no room! It struck me then that I need to somehow tackle all these sample sized goodies! I think I’m subscribed to three beauty boxes so that’s quite a lot of new things to try each month!

IMG_2568 (2).JPG

I have now set myself a challenge to try and use as many as these up a month and actually get more into trying new things. I’ve got myself stuck in a rut of only trying something I’ve heard about or something that smells good and that just isn’t good enough! For someone who loves all things beauty it’s hard to to put aside the time to go through everything you might want to try so I thought I might as well start with all the lovely beauty bits I already have!

I started by separating them into skincare, hair and nail care and makeup. The makeup bits made their way straight to my makeup bag and I was surprised that I hadn’t already used some of them (which is why it’s always good to have a sort out). Once I had them in their own little pile I put them in separate boxes so I can work my way through them evenly.

A lot of people usually used up these kind of products when they go away and what not but I don’t really like to take a new product away with me just in case it doesn’t work out too well or it causes me to break out or get irritated skin by it. I decided the best way is to work my way through gradually and I would do mini reviews of each thing once I have gone through enough and let you know which ones I have decided are worth purchasing in the full size.

Let me know if you have any samples you need to work your way through!



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