Review: Makeup Revolution Ultra Cream Contour Palette

I feel like I’m probably unfashionably late to this party but I have only just recently delving into the cream contour world. I am so much more of a powder girl when it comes to contour but when such amazing brands bring out palettes like this for just £8.00 how can a girl resist?!

IMG_2056 (2).JPG

The Everyday Look

This is one of those palettes that is amazing for all types of makeup days and I really feel like this is a one palette covers it all product. For my everyday makeup I have only been sticking to just one contour shade (second in bottom row) which is such a good shade for me personally because it’s not too warm which prevents it from looking muddy. I use this to emphasise my cheek bones, add shadow to my temples and under my jawline to create more defined features as I have quite a chubby face.

The shade third on the top row I use as a brightening concealer under my eyes. All of these blend out so nicely it makes it so easy to use which was a lovely surprise when I was first starting to use this palette because I can’t stand thick waxy products on my face but the texture of these is beautiful. The consistency all the shades make it easy to blend and has definitely converted me! Also because of this it’s easy to apply either with fingers or a brush and I have really been enjoying using my fingers for the contour shade and a brush for the concealer and highlight.

IMG_2069 (2).JPG

As with almost all Makeup Revolution products the highlight in the top right corner is amazing. I probably can’t rave about it enough but for my everyday makeup I have recently been using this under my eyebrows and not so much on the tops of my cheeks because for some reason I’ve fallen out of love with that for everyday wear! Shocking I know! I use a brush to apply this as it’s more precise but it leaves such a lovely cool glow.

A More Dramatic Look 

I still stick to the same contour shade but I mix it with the next shade up for my cheeks because I like it to look a bit more sculpted for an evening out which is normally when I would be doing a heavier makeup look. However, I stick to my normal routine for my forehead and jawline or it would look ridiculous on my skin tone!

However, for a more dramatic look the highlighter really makes if for this palette, Makeup Revolution have some amazing powder highlighters so I wasn’t really surprised when this one truly delivered! I use this not only on my brow bone but for an evening look I love applying this to the tops of my cheeks because it’s more than just a natural glow it’s more just like  a pure glow and it’s amazing!


Overall I would definitely recommend this palette to everyone! It’s one that brilliant for people that are already into makeup but also such a good price for people to buy to practice with cream contour makeup. As I said before as well it’s an all in one palette that’s good for every look. Let me know if you’ve ever used this palette or what cream contour products you use!




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