Makeup Revolution Halloween Haul

Halloween is fast approaching and I have been seeing so many people raving about the special collection Makeup Revolution have brought out especially for Halloween so being the makeup addict I am I decided to pick up a few things. I was really excited to pick these bits up because I feel like Makeup Revolution have really dominated the Halloween Makeup market this year. I picked all these items up in my local Superdrug store which isn’t a large one so if you live in a bigger town you will most definitely be able to get your hands on these! I will go through the bits I picked up and create a few looks in following posts yet to come!

First I picked up the Ghost Whitener to ‘brighten and whiten your complexion’ and this is essentially a white base that isn’t from one of those cheap nasty face paint palettes. I have used this to create Halloween look on one of my friends and it has quite a thick texture and definitely needs a setting spray but it does spread nice and evenly over the face and is nice to use. I love the size of the bottle because it’s not too big but not too small because the only time of year I will use this is Halloween so it would be a waste for there to be any more.

Next I picked up the Ghost Stories Kit which is a face palette that contains six cream white, grey and black shades and two powder shades in black and white. Again, the size of each of these shades is really nice and being part of the Freedom range which is part of TAM Beauty you can tell this is more designed for makeup artists. The cream ones are super creamy and pigmented which is really nice because most Halloween looks are bold. The powder shades are also super pigmented because I wondered how the white one would show up but it’s pretty amazing and like the cream shades, so easy to work with.

IMG_1759 (2).JPG

I also picked up one cream and one powder contour product, both have one white and one black shade. The powder product comes in a lovely large pan bit enough to be able to get your brushes in to use to contour. The pigmentation is really nice but the white shade does have a bit of fall out but not so much that it bothers me. It’s not going to be an every day product so I’m happy with the quality overall. The cream contour stick is really easy to use and is a double ended product which is nice. However, I was a it disappointed the black wasn’t as pigmented as the cream product in the Ghost Stories Kit.

IMG_1764 (2).JPG

The last products I picked up were lip products. They have brought out a really nice Beyond Vamp lip set which contains three full size matte lipsticks with one black, red purple and darker purple colour which are all so nice and these could definitely be used throughout winter if you’re a bit more daring and at £6.00 for three lipsticks of this quality it’s a bargain! I also bought one of the Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers in the shade Velvet Vamp which I can’t believe I haven’t tried before. It is seriously velvety and not at all uncomfortable or too drying on my lips.

IMG_1770 (2).JPG

All in all, these Halloween products are definitely worth checking out and for all of these only totaling £28.00 you can create so many looks, even just by adding an eye shadow palette you already have. If you’re at uni it’s so worth clubbing in with a few friends because let’s face it you’re not going to wear these products much more throughout the year!! Let me know if you have any of these and if you have created any spooky looks with them yet! My looks to come…



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