My Weekend Travel Makeup Bag

This weekend I am going to Brussels for a couple of days and we have decided to do the whole trip by train to prepare ourselves for when we for when we travel round Europe next year. Traveling like this though means we will not have much space to pack many things at all so I have thought very carefully about what makeup I am going to take. If you’ve ever traveled with hardly anything please let me know because I think I need all the advice I can get!

I’m taking the Body Shop Skin Primer Moisturise It (which I can’t find online) because my skin seems to really benefit from using it along side my normal moisturiser. It also helps my makeup last all day which is a must if I’m going to be busy walking around a city all day.

For foundation I am taking a drugstore, mainly because it’s cheaper so if I lose it it’s not the end of the world! The one I am taking is the L’Oreal True Match because it’s just so easy to use when I don’t have much time. I won’t be wearing that much makeup or spending much time getting ready so there’s no point taking my best products because let’s face it they really won’t be appreciated fully during this weekend away!

The blush palette I will be taking will be the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush palette in Golden SugarI really like this one when I am in a bit of a hurry I literally just have to dab my brush lightly into the bronzer because it’s so pigmented and I use the lighter shade to lightly dust all over my face to warm it up a bit more. The blush is a bit more shimmery than I would like but I do like the colour so it’s a brilliant all in one palette.


The mascara I will be taking is the YSL Luxurious Mascara for Instant False Lash Effect I have been really loving this recently because it holds my lashes well and it’s such a pure black it lasts well all day long. It’s also really easy to get length on my top lashes and I don’t have to use another mascara to get to my bottom lashes.

For my brows I am taking the pencil I use every day and that’s the L’Oreal Brow Artist Pencil. I feel like it’s a comfort zone thing because I hate trying new brow products but this one I really get on with, especially because I hardly have anything anyway.

I’m not taking any lipsticks because my lips are so dried out right now so I will just be taking a balm to keep them hydrated, especially because it’s a little bit cooler than it is here so I don’t want them to get chapped and horrible.

That’s a round up of the most important things I’m planning on taking away with me this weekend. Let me know if there’s anything you like taking on a weekend break?



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