5 Easy Things To Help You Sleep Better

Recently I have been struggling with getting to sleep and my sleeping pattern for various reasons and mostly to do with my health which is such a catch 22 because I need sleep to help with my health problems! I have been doing a few things to try and help me not only get to sleep quicker at a decent time but to stay asleep during the night because my body has also got  itself into a habit of waking up virtually every hour and sometimes for hours at a time which isn’t good for anyone.

One of the things I have been doing is to have a short walk after work. Whether it be just to the shop round the corner or to the beach I have found it really beneficial. I find that going for a walk in the evening makes me stop thinking about work and the stresses of the day as well as the fresh air helping me feel better. The key thing with this is not thinking you have to goon some 2 hour hike, it’s okay to just walk around the block!

Another thing I have been doing is to read at some point in the evening. I find that this is perfect for winding down because it’s quiet and gets you thinking your own thoughts and ideas instead of glaring at the TV for hours on end. Quite often I find myself drifting off after only a chapter or two which is perfect because I always sleep better after I’ve been reading.

On the odd evening when I don’t read I watch TV and I am into quite a lot of TV series and am such a binge watcher it’s unbelievable but something I have found helps me sleep better is to turn the TV off before I sleep. For about 3 year I had such a bad habit of not being able to sleep unless the TV was off it was ridiculous and not healthy at all. So now I turn the TV off and I feel so much better drifting off naturally rather than waiting for my eyes to start hurting! The same goes for phones, iPads and laptops – make sure they’re away long before going to bed.

IMG_1612 (2).JPG

Taking the time to wash my face with warm water in the evening always relaxes me and makes me feel that much cleaner before going to sleep. Even if you’re not someone that showers in the evening time, this is still something you should be doing to clean the dirt off from the day and help relax yourself after the day. It doesn’t have to be a 20 minute, 7 step skincare routine it can just be a simple cleanser and water splashed onto your face. For me this is one of the best feelings at the end of a day!

Finally, I have been using a lavender essential oil spray that I made up to spray on my bed covers and pillows because I have read it is good for helping with sleep and I think it is. It’s relaxing without being overpowering and the scent has normally worn off by the morning and doesn’t linger which is perfect because I’m not really a fan of strong lavender but it’s lovely and fresh sprayed on my pillows.

So those are my easy tips for helping get to sleep and improve sleep throughout the night. They have been working really well for me and making these changes to my lifestyle was so easy. Let me know if you have any tips for getting to sleep!



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