Review: Clinique Superbalanced Silk Foundation

I have been wearing this foundation for about 3 weeks now and this has quickly become my go to foundation. I use quite a few Clinique makeup products but I have never used one of their foundations before and I now will be in the future as I have been thoroughly impressed with the Clinique Superbalanced Silk foundation. 7


I must admit, this is the only downside to this product. It comes in a box and the product itself is in a frosted glass square bottle which feels so luxurious and weighty to hold. Even though the glass bottle is lovely and aesthetically pleasing, I feel like I won’t be able to get the most out of it because of the shape of the bottle and it not having a pump or anything. However, it’s not the end of the world.

IMG_1536 (2).JPG

Colour Match

I bought this online which is a risky business but the shade I have which is 02 Silk Shell matches my skin tone really well which automatically makes it easier for me to like a foundation. Initially in the bottle and when I first put this on my hand I thought it would be too dark but once blended out on my face it matches so well. I would still recommend purchasing any foundation in store so you can try it out.


This foundation is so smooth and it claims to be an ‘ultra-fluid formula’ and that it ‘blends seamlessly’ which after wearing this for a few weeks I fully agree with.The application of the foundation is so easy and doesn’t have to be worked at all to be able to get a lovely finish. Even though this is a lightweight formula it has a good medium coverage and is easily build-able if you want a more full coverage look. It looks and feels like a second skin on my face and with the colour match being so good it’s a definitely my-skin-but-better product.


Lasting Power 

There are days when I am sometimes wearing my foundation for 14-15 hours a day so it’s important that I have a good long lasting base product to keep me looking fresh-faced and not tired. This one definitely lasts well and keeps my skin looking good for long periods of time. Sometimes though I have noticed when I use a setting powder it becomes a little flaky on my forehead towards the end of the day. This is an oil free foundation and I do have dry skin so it doesn’t bother me so much that after 12 hours it’s no longer looking its best because for most of the day it really makes my skin look amazing.

Overall I really like this foundation and I have been choosing to wear this almost every day since I have had it just because it works so well for an every day look and it quick and easy to use but is also perfect for special occasions which makes it such a good all-rounder. For £23.00 this isn’t the cheapest foundation but in saying that there are other high end foundations that aren’t as good and cost more so it’s worth trying a sample if you can get one to see if you like it before you buy!

Let me know if you have used the Clinique Superbalanced or Superbalanced Silk foundation and what are your thoughts?



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