Realistic Early Start to the Day

As the colder weather starts setting in and the mornings start in the dark it becomes harder to drag myself from my pit and get myself ready for work. I have a few things that I do to make my lift that little bit easier and help me wake up and not feel groggy for the whole day. If you’re anything like me and know the struggle, read on!

My morning routine actually kinda starts the evening before because that is when I shower and I really just love showering in the evening and having a little freshen up in the morning. This not only saves me time in the morning but I am already clean and can just concentrate on getting dressed, doing my hair and makeup.

This one is a tad controversial and ‘unhealthy’ and all the rest of it but you only live once and it makes me feel better so I do it. You might be thinking ‘oh gosh’ that sounds a bit dramatic but it’s really not, it’s just to set an extra alarm earlier than you need to actually be up for. I really like setting my alarm for 20 minutes before I actually need my alarm to go off. It allows me to doze at the same time as being aware I need to get up soon, sometimes I like to just lay and mentally prepare myself for the day or even squeeze in a couple of YouTube videos. When I don’t do this I really feel groggy because who really likes jumping straight out of bed?! Not me!


Before I go down to the bathroom I always like to pick out my makeup. I have recently decided to get rid of my makeup bag because with everything in one bag I never even looked at my other makeup and I have so much of it I need to use it more and mix and match! It’s basically shopping my stash every day and I really love doing this because it really makes me think of what mood I am in and picking out different things every day. It’s definitely worth a try.

Before I go back upstairs I like to make myself a drink; I don’t like normal tea but am a big herbal and fruit tea lover. I really like a mug of peppermint tea in the morning and I drinking this a lot because I have a few problems with my tummy and digestion it really helps to settle it, especially as I really can’t stomach breakfast first thing in the morning!

If you’re one of these people that spends ages choosing their clothes, definitely pick them out the night before. However, I am seriously not one of those types of people so once dressed I’m ready to go all within about an hour and a quarter since waking up.

That’s a little round up of the things I do in the morning to help me wake up and have a bit ore of a chilled morning because there’s nothing worse than being in a rush! Let me know if you have any tips for in the morning!


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