My Top 3 Drugstore Foundations

I have a love for foundation, especially drugstore foundations as I love a good bargain. There was a long time where I couldn’t find any foundations to work for my skin as I suffer with dry skin I went through so many before I found one that didn’t make my face flaky or irritated. These are the ones that I have found work for me.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 

I wore  this one a lot during the summer and even though this is aimed at skin types that are normal to oily, this one works like a dream on my skin. It is supposed to be a matte foundation but to be honest I don’t find it isn’t like a full-blown matte product. Another massive bonus about this is that the colour match is so good which also helps with how well it blends in with my skin. The only thing I find with this one is by the end of the day it has worn out a fair bit so if you’re looking for a more long lasting product this isn’t the one. I would  also say this isn’t a full coverage it’s more of a medium but definitely worth checking out and don’t be put off at being aimed at normal to oily skin types.


L’Oreal infallible Scuplt Contouring Base Foundation

This is my go to foundation when I’m going for a more full coverage look. I find this to be really hydrating throughout the day rather than clinging to my skin which is such a bonus because it’s normally the more full coverage products that make my skin look the worst! This foundation is also incredibly long lasting and I tend to wear this on days when I have to go into work early and won’t be back until later than normal which can sometimes mean I’m out for 14 hours and it lasts so well. The way it’s designed to be a ‘contouring base’ means that my contour, blush and bronzer also lasts really nicely without going patchy at all.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illision Foundation

I have only had this one a little while and when I first picked it up I was unsure if I would like it because I’ve never used a cream foundation but I actually find myself reaching for this one quiet often. he foundation is in the lid and screws off and the bottom bit has a little compartment for a sponger to apply it with so this is such a compact product it’s easy to put in your bag. The foundation itself is amazingly creamy and and applies really evenly over my skin. Because this is such a creamy product it keeps my skin looking good but at the same time doesn’t move around my face as the day goes on. For me this is between a dewy and matte foundation it’s not too much of either! I would really recommend this for people that aren’t looking for something as heavy duty as the Infallible Sculpt but still want something quite full coverage.

So that’s a round up of my current top 3 drugstore foundations, let me know if you have tried any of these or would like to!



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