Travel Planning

If you follow me on twitter you may well already know that I am planning long and multiple trips to Europe. I have always been one for a bit of an adventure so working in an office isn’t quite cutting it right now. Luckily I have a really good job with ‘real people’ in management so I am able to get the concessional block of time off  which has enabled me to be able to plan a months trip around Europe with Rowan.

As someone who craves adventure this also brings with it spontaneous decisions. Rowan has been with me long enough to just know to go with the flow and if it’s going to happen, it will. Europe is somewhere I have always been interested in; I love the history, the landmarks, the food and the lifestyle. I feel like it’s not too far away from home but far enough to be interesting so what better plan than to travel through some of the countries for a month.



Deciding Where To Go

It wasn’t actually too hard deciding on the countries I wanted to visit it was more in which order would we visit them and for how long. I get over excited about things like this easily so have actually already started planning a second trip for the places we won’t get to visit next year! I have always been interested in Germany and Eastern Europe the most so we have stuck to those kind of countries but Rowan also wanted to visit Venice so that has found its way into the schedule as well. The plus side about going more east is that it tends to be cheaper than the western Europe so you can stay there longer and it won’t cost an arm and a leg.



Deciding How To Travel

By this I mean what transport we are going to take. I’m hoping to go the whole month without needing a plane. It’s restricting and takes up so much time and you don’t get to see half as much as you do by train. Luckily Europe is really well connected and you can get trains pretty much anywhere at any time so this makes the journey a lot easier. Although we are hoping to mostly travel by train we have researched interail and it doesn’t actually work out better for us and most of the trains we will be using are German run train lines so the majority will be from .




Me and Rowan have actually been house hunting so have saved up a decent sized deposit for that as well as our monthly savings accounts that we both have (you never know when your car might break down or your sister is begging for money or alcohol for a night out at uni). However, because we have a nice amount already saved we thought what’s the point in always saying we’re saving for when we’re older… why not do it now?! So we are dipping into that fund but have limited ourselves to take only a third from that money pot which is such a decent amount we will probably be able to to 3-4 monthly trips with it. Despite this, we are still obviously aiming to keep costs down and staying in cheaper places and shopping around for the cheapest but easiest ways of travel.

Where’s your favourite place in Europe? Let me know of any places I need to visit!


*Due to the nature of this post I have used stock photos. I hope that in the next few travel posts there will be photos taken by me!



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