Kiko Milano BB Cream

I am a massive fan of all things by Kiko so recently when I was shopping I decided to pick up one of their BB Creams because I didn’t have one and I was interested to see what their face products are like because I have mainly stuck to eye makeup products. (After finishing writing and reading this I have come back to apologise for for being such a Moaning Myrtle all throughout!)

When I was testing them in the store they all seemed to test out really dark which did worry me slightly but I decided to buy the lightest one anyhow. For me BB Creams should have a little bit of skincare with a little bit of makeup type formula but I’m actually slightly disappointed by this one. I don’t know whether it’s because I expect too much from Kiko or something but it really hasn’t been working for me.

IMG_0571 (2)

How the BB Cream looks at first 

The product is both light and thick at the same time which gives it good coverage; I need the smallest amount and it spreads over my face really nicely but it also dries it out a lot. I tend to use BB Creams more in the summer because I don’t want to be wearing thick, heavy foundations but after a while I can start to feel this sitting on my face and isn’t comfortable at all which is a shame because I normally love Kiko.

As it is slightly thicker than I would like, it can be a little bit difficult to work with. It has to be worked into my skin quite a lot before there is an even coverage but that might be perhaps because it’s a tad too dark for me I don’t know and once I get to that stage it only looks OK. I think one of the reasons I find it hard to work with is because it comes out white but the more you rub it in it gets darker! This isn’t just slightly darker; it really stands out on my skin!

IMG_0573 (2).JPG

The BB Cream after blended in

Overall I this isn’t the product for me, I want something that is easy to work with and is more light-weight than this particular BB Cream. I love that it has SPF although as I am mainly wearing a product like this during the summer I do feel like I would like it to have a higher level SPF. This might be the perfect thing for someone with already perfect skin that doesn’t tend to dry out so I might be passing this on to one of my friends who will get better use out of it!

Have you tried any face products by Kiko?



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