Eden’s Semilla Pure Jojoba Oil

For a few weeks now I have been using the Pure Jojoba Oil by Eden’s Semilla on my hair, skin and face. I have been really enjoying using a product that is so well priced and can be used all over my body. I’m one of these people that likes the idea of moisturising every time I get out the shower but it hardly ever happens so this has made my life so much easier being an all in one kinda product.


The first time I used this oil was on my face. I am massively into facial oils and love having that deep hydration over night, especially during the summer months. The oil it’s self comes with a normal bottle top as well as a pipette which is what I prefer to use so when I use this I put 2 drops in my fingertips before rubbing it over my face and neck. What I love about this for using on my face overnight is that it isn’t strongly scented and the scent itself smells really natural. It also absorbs into my skin so well so I feel like it’s really giving me that extra moisture.


I have been using this on the ends of my hair just after I have washed it and it’s still wet. I prefer to apply it this way rather than on dry hair just because I’m not very good with my hair and it’s better for me to leave it to be absorbed by my hair whilst it’s drying. Even after the  first time of using this my hair not only looked lovely and shiny and healthy it felt it too. I feel like it’s worth using this product just for my hair alone.

WP_20160814_16_03_28_Pro (2)


I have horrible patches of dry skin on the backs of my arms and no matter what I use or vitamins I take it just won’t budge. In the evenings after showering and every other morning I have been rubbing a small amount on to the backs of my arms and I feel like even though it doesn’t look as though it’s improved anything it certainly feels like it has. Because this oil doesn’t sit on my skin it has been so easy to just apply and get dressed afterwards without worrying about my clothes sticking to me or being uncomfortable.

Overall this oil has worked with my hair and skin type beautifully and due to its multi-uses it has made my life easier when I’m on the go. They also have a Vitamin C Serum which I am really interested in trying to compare to my Ole Henriksen serum because the price difference is huge!

Let me knows what all in one oils you use for your hair, skin and nails!


*This post contains products that have been sent to me for the purpose of reviewing but all opinions remain my own.


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