Pink Parcel Review

I’ve heard of this beauty box a few times on twitter and on a couple of other blogs I read and thought the concept is such a good idea. As a lady there are some things in life that are compulsory and having your period for most women is one of them. If you don’t know, Pink Parcel is a unique kind of beauty box that gets delivered to you each month (conveniently) and is packed full of little gifts and necessities that may come in handy during that time of the month.

This was the first time I had ever tried Pink Parcel and for £10.50 including P&P I am pretty impressed. I’ve actually been quite fortunate to not suffer each month with crippling pains just annoying discomfort more than anything but this is still something I can see myself looking forward to cheering me up each month.

WP_20160719_20_55_39_Pro (2)

The box itself comes protected in cardboard and it doesn’t have anything on it to say where it’s from so don’t worry if you don’t want your parents or siblings or the postman to know as it just looks like any other parcel! It’s so beautifully packaged with everything in their own compartments which I really like because it keeps everything separate.

The first compartment is ‘For You – A little something to cheer you up’ and inside is a mixture of makeup items, sweet treats, tea and pampering items. Honestly, what more could you want to perk you up when you’re not feeling your best?!

WP_20160719_20_56_35_Pro (2)

In the middle there is a little box for night time that has some sanitary towels designed for overnight use and a little cotton bag you can put in your handbag. This little bag has emergency tampons, mini pads and you can add anything else you like to it and it ties up with a drawstring.

WP_20160719_20_57_17_Pro (2)

The final box is ‘For later – Keep these close by’, this box has more sanitary towels and tampons in which for me is more than enough to see me through my time of the month which is why I think this box is such good value for money. There’s also a little bonus envelope that has some Fab Little Bags in which are for you to be able to dispose of your tampons more hygienically and environmentally friendly. I have actually purchased these before and they are so handy I can’t believe how I ever got through without them *no exaggeration*!

WP_20160719_20_58_30_Pro (2)

If you’re after trying out something new and different with a bit of everything or even just want something to look forward to when it comes to that time, I would definitely recommend this box!

Let me know if you’ve heard of Pink Parcel before!



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