Maybelline Master Contour V Stick

I’m normally a powder contour kinda gal and when I bought this I thought why, why have I just bought something I’m probably never going to use?! Well last week there was a time when I decided I would actually try it out – Loads of people use cream contour all the time, it can’t be that bad! Surprisingly it wasn’t.

I bought mine in the shade 01 Light because I’m generally pale for the majority of the year and this is a pretty big stick of product so I thought if I like it I can use it in the winter too. Before using this stick I was a little skeptical about how it would work without the colours mixing after a while and it just getting a bit messy and I can definitely see this happening once it’s been used enough.

WP_20160717_16_09_23_Pro (2)

Let’s talk about the product. The contour shade is for sure the right match for me and applies really well over foundation. I have been using my fingers to blend this into my skin and it works really well, it doesn’t turn smudgy or drag my makeup around my face or anything horrendous like that. The texture of this is creamy but once blended in kind of turns powdery but not drying on my skin at all.

The highlight shade however, is a completely different story. This couldn’t have more of a waxy, cakey texture even if that was what it was going for. I actually won’t be using this side of the stick again. It was really hard work to blend and just made my face feel sticky and not comfortable at all.

Overall, I think the concept is good but for me the highlight shade does not work in any way – even if I use a brush or sponge. I’m still going to be using this for the contour side though because it was £6.99 and I do really like that side of the stick!

Let me know if you’ve used this and how you got on with it?



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