Festival Makeup Ideas

So this is the first post of mine and Zoe’s Summer Series – exciting stuff! I’m not really one for going to festivals, in fact I can’t think of anything less appealing. However, I do like the makeup looks that can be created for festivals. They’re fun, bright and full of as much glitter as you like! I would definitely recommend searching through all the lovely ideas on Pinterest because there’s literally thousands on there.

I have decided not to do a tutorial because I feel like it’s a bit too regimented for a festival look. Personally festival makeup is a chance for you to experiment with those funky colours you don’t wear every day and to create a look that you want to play around with!

WP_20160707_17_26_46_Pro (2).jpg

Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Palette

A few themes I love the look of are: 

Boho – A more subtle look based around flowers soft colours

Multi-coloured – This one is bright and exciting and more of a chance to play around

Full on Glitter – I’m not so keen on this one but go all out with glitter in your hair, around your eyes, cheeks and everywhere. Where else will you get the change to do this?!

Temporary Tattoos – If you don’t want permanent tattoos or are after something more metallic these are perfect to stick all over your body.

Face and Body Paint – You could create a really funky look with body paint to get even more into the festival spirit.

Makeup for a Festival Look

For me there’s more of a focus on eye makeup but I don’t really want to wear expensive makeup or take it with me to a festival so a couple of amazing palettes I would take are the:

Sleek Whimsical Wonderland Palette – I bought this recently and it has the perfect colours to create a multi-coloured look. I have been playing around with the greens and purples because they are colours that I would never usually use so it’s fun to use for festival makeup looks.

WP_20160707_17_27_57_Pro (2)

Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Palette 

WP_20160707_17_28_56_Pro (3)

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette in Girl Panic

Makeup Revolution also have some brilliantly pigmented eye shadow palettes which I like to mix and match a lot of the time. The Fortune Favours The Brave Palette has some lovely pastel pinks and lighter shades for a less dramatic look or there are some really lovely shimmery shades too in other palettes like the Salvation Palette in Girl Panic

You can find Zoe’s summer makeup look here. What would be your festival makeup look?



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