Basic Hair Care – Long Hair

I have long hair. I have had my hair this long for the last three years or so and I only go to the hairdressers to get it trimmed every sort of 6 months. Some people might find that fact horrific but that’s what I do. I first started growing my hair out to get it long enough to cut off the ends that I had dip dyed red. To concentrate on growing it out I literally tied my hair in a messy bun for about 6 months, one of the reasons I did this was because I didn’t like my hair but I also found it easier to do this so I didn’t keep checking how long my hair was!

For the past couple of years my hair has been at the length it currently is and I love it. I can’t imagine myself with any other hair. Sometimes it’s annoying on windy days or when I’m in a hurry it had been known to get stuck in the car door but generally it’s really easy for me to manage.

I wash my hair three times a week and I don’t have a fixed shampoo and conditioner product I use because I like to mix up what I use. I feel like my hair is always in better condition when I don’t use the same thing every time I wash my hair. I normally use the Superdrug own brand Coconut shampoo and conditioner. This is my every day shampoo and it’s kind of a cheap and cheerful product so you can’t really go wrong. The shampoo doesn’t foam as much as I would like but it’s not the end of the world and the conditioner always leaves my hair silky smooth and smelling amazing. I use this twice a week so every other time I wash my hair and use a different one in the middle.

IMG_0322 (3) - Copy.JPG

Elvive Smooth Intense Shampoo and Conditioner (sorry about how disgusting they look)

When I’m not using the Superdrug shampoo I either use the Body Shop Rainforest Brilliance Shampoo that I recently wrote about here so I’m not going to talk about that but I’ll talk about the L’Oreal Elvive smooth Intense Anit-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner.

When I first started using this Shampoo I was worried it would make my hair more greasy or that I would have to wash my hair more than usual but I actually didn’t have to change my routine at all. I tend to use these most when I know I am going to use heat on my hair because these are more nourishing for my hair and makes my hair have such a lovely shine. I love using the mask version of this too and it literally smells so divine it’s unreal. All of these products are really well priced and so easy to pick up in Boots, Superdrug or even the supermarket.

IMG_0312 (2)

I also use the Elvive Extraordinary Oil MaskI love using this once a week on the ends of my hair. I put it on after I have washed and conditioned and keep my hair in a bun whilst I shower. It always leaves my hair feeling extra smooth and looks in my better condition and gives off a lovely shine.

Do you have any basic hair  products that you love using?











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