Living Abroad – Working

If you didn’t see last weeks post you can find it here where I outline my decision to move abroad. In this post I will be talking about how I made a living in Spain so I could travel.

The first thing you should know if you’re planning on moving abroad whether it’s for the short term or long term. Either way you are going to need to earn money somewhere (if you live in the real world) and if you don’t you aren’t going to be able to visit the places you want to or make the most of your time there. I’m not talking millions I’m talking enough money to buy a train ticket and get some lunch or enough for the entry fee of where you’re visiting or whatever it may be!


I did 2 weeks in a summer school in Seville which is pretty south in Spain but as I was only there a short amount of time I won’t talk too much about it other than that it was HOT. That job was in July and I then got accepted to a 9 month contract with a school that started in September. The school was just outside of Barcelona which is a lot more north than Seville.

I was on a full timetable in my school 9-5 Monday to Friday teaching ages 2-20 so I was pretty much always busy and it was really hard going from being on my summer holidays after college to working as a full time teacher/teaching assistant (depending on what class it was my job role varied). I really enjoyed it and all the kids were amazing and the teachers were lovely and I still keep in contact with a lot of people from the school which is amazing.


As well as this I did private classes with some of the teachers, parents and students which was one of my favourite parts of the day because I could just have fun with it. However, this meant that some days I wouldn’t finish my day until 11pm or I would have to spend the weekend planning classes which obviously isn’t the reason you move to another country!

For most of the time though I was able to see a lot of the things I wanted to. My job enabled me to save up for a lot of special trips and I even got to go to Milan, travel around all of Barcelona, surrounding towns and Andorra in my two years there.

Without these jobs I don’t think I would ever have been able to move abroad and do anything I did whilst I was there and I’m really thankful for all the people I met along the way – many of whom I consider as my family now, what I call my ‘Spanish family’.

Next time I will be writing in more detail about what I got up to whilst I was there. Let me know if you have any questions!



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