Battle of the Bronzers

I’m no bronzing expert but I certainly like playing around with them and trying out different looks – that’s the whole point of makeup isn’t it? I don’t know about anyone else but I use different bronzers for different things, I use a mixture of matte bronzers and shimmer bronzers on different areas of my face and I find this works best for me because I am fairly pale.

Let’s start with one that I have mostly been using recently. I got the Essence Mosaic Compact Powder in 01 Sunkissed Beauty in a beauty box and the product is so aesthetically pleasing it is literally beautiful. The product contains a mixture of bronzey shades and has a light amount of shimmer running through it which really compliments it on my skin nicely. I use this with a highlight brush because I found that it can look quite orange on me if I use a tad to much (I can’t be controlled) so I decided to swap the brush I was using and it works lovely to give my face more warmth. This also has a really nice coconut smell and is just like summer all round.

IMG_0094 (2)

My favourite bronzers

The next one is in a palette I have written about before and that’s the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush PaletteAlthough I do mainly use this for highlight there is are a couple of really nice bronze shades in the palette that I use.

WP_20160228_16_33_04_Pro (2).jpg

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette

I use the shade on the bottom right hand corner for contour. This is the only matte pan in the palette and I like it because I literally only have to use such a small amount which is handy because it is a little bit difficult to pick up the product with bigger brushes. I don’t really use the one above this because it’s so shimmery it’s a bit like smothering your face in gold (sorry those of you that can work it, it’s just not me!)

The next one is the Collection Bronze Glow which is also a mosaic bronzer. This is another very shimmery product but I find that because most of the shades in this product are on the darker side it works really well as a lovely bronzer. When I use this I use a large powder brush to dust this all over my face and neck. I use this one on sunny days because it gives a lovely sun-kissed effect to my face and keeps it looking radiant.

IMG_0106 (2)

Collection Bronze Glow in 2 Radiant

The final one is the Kiko Bronzer Powder. I’m disappointed because I can’t find this one online but I’m sure I have seen it still in store. I use this as more of a contour product just because for me this is a bit too dark to be brushing all over my face right now but I have a feeling it will be lovely in the summer.

IMG_0112 (2)

Kiko Bronzer Powder in shade 100

That’s a little round up of the bronzers I use day to day and how I use them. It’s easy to forget that you don’t have to use a product for what it says it is you can play around and discover a way to use them how you want to which is what I’ve been finding with bronzers lately.

I want to know what bronzers you use and how you use them so let me know in the comments below!



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