Living Abroad – The Decision

This may have to go into 2 or 3 posts depending on how much detail I go into but we will see! (I have now written this and I’m going to do it in 4 parts).

When I finished college everyone I knew was going to university and had their whole life kind of mapped out around what they were going to study at uni and pretty much knew what job they wanted. I’ve always been a bit of a spontaneous, wake up and decide on the day kind of person and I honestly can’t imagine living any other way.


Serra del Cadi in Spain 

I’ll also add that at this point, Rowan my boyfriend of the time who I am still with, was also getting ready to go to university so it was one of the hardest decisions of my life to move abroad. He was really supportive as he know it was something that I really wanted to do and we managed to make it work without breaking up but it was definitely a tough journey.

I knew that once I had finished my A-levels I wanted to travel. As a kid I never went on family holidays abroad because we’re not that kind of family and I just really wanted to get out there and go do something new and different! I decided to do a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course and go to Europe and teach English.


Please excuse my face! You don’t tend to care too much when you travel. 

English language and grammar has always been one of my biggest interests and was always my strongest subject in school so it was a perfect solution to earn money at the same time as traveling. Once I completed college I applied to multiple jobs in summer schools, schools in general and private jobs in France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Norway. The first one to get back to me was in Spain so Spain is where I went!

I moved back to England after two years there and now have a job more locally but me and Rowan are definitely looking at traveling to more places together which is so exciting!  I am going to be writing more posts once a week on this topic so if you have any questions please ask away!

Have you moved to a different country for work or to travel?



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