Aussie Shower Smoothie

Today I’m only doing a short post but it’s an exciting one! The other day when I was browsing in my local Superdrug I found something interesting – you may have guessed by the title what that is and it’s a shower gel by Aussie! I don’t know about you but I love their hair care and I couldn’t wait to try this out. I don’t know if they have been doing shower products for long but I haven’t seen them anywhere at all before this!

WP_20160531_17_41_06_Pro (2)

Aussie Shower Smoothie

In my local store there were three scents and I picked up the Australian Macadamia Nut Oil one and it’s smells so divine it’s unreal. The bottle is a massive 400ml so I will definitely have it for a little while and is so reasonably priced at £3.16 normally priced at £4.75!

The product itself is quite thick which I really like and lathers up really well. It recommends on the back using a loofah but I haven’t and get plenty of lather out of it 🙂

The few times I have used it, I have come out the shower feeling fresh and clean and smelling amazingly (if I do say so myself). When I run out of this one I might try some of the other scents too!

Have you seen or tried any shower gels by Aussie? Let me know!



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