Copper Eye Makeup Look

This post is an eye makeup look that I have been playing around with and I want to show you how I created it. I hope you all like this look, I decided not to do anything too dramatic because I have fairly hooded eyes and it just looks a mess if I do that but let me know what you think at the end!

DSCN0370 (2)

I haven’t really done anything on my face because I wanted to concentrate on my eyes.

I started by creating a neutral base by putting some Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer over my whole eyelid up to my brow, once that was blended in I then used Collections Eye Primer  again all over my eyelid and a little under my eye.

I left that for a minute to dry before starting with any eye shadows. First I applied a matte eye shadow in the crease from the Blushed Nudes eye shadow palette by Maybelline followed by a matte brown in the Girl Panic palette by Makeup Revolution.

For the main colour I used the copper shade in the MUA Utopia eye shadow palette but I’m not sure I like these eye shadows very much. I also used the Girl Panic Palette and took the copper shade from in there to go over my eyelid. Once my eyelid was done I just used a blending brush to sweep some of the excess product on my lower lash line.

For the eyeliner I used the Precision Ink eye liner by Illamasqua and I’m not normally a liquid eyeliner person but this is surprisingly east to apply and build up. After doing this I used the Superdrug own false eyelashes in Volume Edition #21 and they were really nice to use, I literally use my fingers to put these on and never have a problem. On my lower lashes I used a khol eyeliner to the corners to just add a bit of something and added some No7 mascara and that is the finished look.



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