Limited Edition Liz Earle Cleanser

I am about to make a confession to you all that you might find hard to believe. Before two weeks ago I had never tried a Liz Earle product. Not a single one. I’m as much into cleansers as much as the next beauty blogger but for some reason had never got round to purchasing anything until now. There was a brilliant offer on when I bought it and I am so pleased that I just bought it.

In the offer I got the Cleanse and Polish  and it really is as lovely as everyone says if you are unsure whether or not to buy it. There is also a Cleanse and Polish in Pink Pepper and Mint which has the best smell I have ever experienced. Ever. There is also a sample of their Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask and I think there were four muslin cloths which is so good especially as I got all of this for £29.00!


First lets talk about the the Limited Edition Cleanse and Polish Pink Pepper and Mint and I’m sorry but I can’t find this on their website anymore which sucks but I still want to talk about it because it might come up in the future. I have been enjoying using this in the evening, I find it relaxes me and it’s just nice to mix up my routine and try new things. I have only used the original one a couple of times but it’s just as lovely to use. It’s really gentle on my skin and that’s something I always look for in a good cleanser because I have dry skin and sometimes it gets even dryer from certain products.

I had had an awful day at work in the middle of the week and I decided to have a little pamper session and use the mask for the first time. This says it will sooth and hydrate which I thought would be really good for someone like me who suffers with dry skin.

DSCN0310 (2)

I did like this mask but there was something about it that I’m not too sure about which I’m a bit disappointed by. This mask is left on for 10-15 minutes and for about the first 5 minutes my face felt like it was stinging and not soothed at all but eventually it calmed down and wasn’t too bad. I would say it was hydrating because by the time 15 minutes was up, the majority of it had really sunk into my skin. I’m not sure if it’s coincidence or not but the next day I broke out in so many spots around my chin area and I haven’t has spots there since school. I’m going to give the another try though and see if it’s any better because I was having an ‘off’ day.

Are there any other Liz Earle products I should try?


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