Current Scrubs I’m Using

As Summer is fast approaching I have found myself using scrubs in the shower a lot more – no one likes getting out their lizard legs. There are a few scrubs I have been loving that are all drugstore.

Sugar Scrubs

The first one is obviously going to be by Soap and Glory. I never used to like the scent of Sugar Crush scrub but lately I have actually been looking forward to using it. One of the reasons I have been using scrubs is because I have been trying to get into self tanning so have been using this in the shower three times a week; I love the texture of it because it really feels like it is getting rid of all my dry skin. I would honestly say if you haven’t tried this one you need to. It’s a lovely big pot and I probably get 6-8 uses out of one of these so for £8.00 I think it’s amazing.

2016-05-15 18.38.45

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Scrub

Keeping on the more Summer inspired side of things I also really enjoy using any fruit scented sugar scrubs by The Body Shop. I got loads of these for Christmas and am gradually making my way through them and the scents are amazing. I don’t think there could be much more of a Summer smell other than Summer itself. They have a lot more or a gloopy consistency compared to the Soap and Glory Scrub but once you start working it into your skin it starts to work and exfoliate your skin.

Salt Scrubs

The second Body Shop scrub I have been using is from the Spa Wisdom Africa range which is sooo amazing, I actually can’t emphasise enough how lovely this is to use.One of the reasons for this is that it leaves my skin not only feeling clean but also moisturised. I think it just feels a bit more luxurious than sugar scrubs because the granules seem finer and this is definitely buttery. The scent of this scrub is a lot more spa like, warming and relaxing so I normally use this when I am having a but ore of a pamper evening. I can’t find a link to this as I got it around Christmas time but these are from the same range.


Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Scrub

I’m classing this as a salt scrub because the salt content is a lot higher than the amount of sugar in it and this is the Soap and Glory, the Flake Away body scrub has to be my all time favourite scrub. I get through this faster than any other bath and body product I use. I know I keep going on about it but my word, the smell of this baby is just glorious. I use this everywhere on my body especially the backs of my arms because I have some really rough skin there and I find this helps with keeping it down. Again the texture of this one is a lot firmer and one thing I like about it is that because it’s quite thick it makes you really rub it into your skin which gets rid of any dead skin.

Have you been getting your skin Summer ready? Let me know what you’ve been using!


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