House Hunting

I have been inactively searching for my first home for about 10 months now. My circumstances have changed so much since I came back from living abroad and although I’m only 22 I am finally in the position to be able to buy my first home. I am so excited!

Deciding to buy my first house hasn’t been a decision I’ve taken lightly and I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this moment over the last few months. I currently pay my parents rent for living at home with them which is something that I strongly believe in doing – after all I do have a full time job and I do use this house just as much as anyone else here so why shouldn’t I pay rent, I’m also 22 so I would be pretty embarrassed if I didn’t in all honesty.

I have been with my boyfriend Rowan since we were in college and I feel like I am very lucky to be with him which is another thing that has contributed to us being able to get our first house together. I definitely think if I was single I would be no where near as interested in moving out as I am with him. It has also enabled us to get a joint mortgage so we can get the best house we can as both of us are working and putting money towards it.

A couple of years ago I was dead set on renting our own place before buying and Rowan talked me out of it which I’m really glad of. He didn’t want to pay so much money out on rent every month for nothing when we could be saving so much more by still living with our parents for a little bit longer. Looking back now this was the right decision for us and we have been able to save so much more.

So at the weekend I went and viewed our first ever property! It was so exciting to think that it could be ours. We are after something that needs work doing to it not only so we can make money on it but so we can make it our own home. This house is for sure something that will probably take months to make home but it’s such an exciting project.

We both have so many ideas and although it’s stressful thinking about everything that goes along with buying a house it has actually helped to give our relationship a bit more of a buzz. We both have so much to talk about and ideas we want to discuss that it’s been really nice to get to know each other like that because it is the first time we have both been in this situation.

That’s all for today but I hope you like my little update and I will keep you posted on if and when we decided to buy this house!



4 thoughts on “House Hunting

  1. a girl recommends says:

    This is so cool to hear, it’s something that my boyfriend and I are doing at the moment. We actually moved and started renting in October last year to be closer to our jobs and it was definitely the right decision although I used to be so anti renting. We are almost ready to buy our house now and it’s so exciting! x


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