Superdrug Blackhead Scrub and Nose Strips

The Superdrug Blackhead Scrub is something I have found myself reaching for when I am washing my face in the morning. I actually bought this for my boyfriend to use because he wanted to try one (he virtually has no blackheads and has the perfect skin!!) but I have been using this a lot more than him. There are so many things I have been loving about this scrub that make me actually really glad that I picked it up on a whim and especially for just £2.69.

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Superdrug Blackhead Scrub

I use this on my T zone and it works as such a lovely exfoliator. I really rub this into my nose when I use it because that’s the area I tend to get blackheads and although this has beads it in is surprisingly soft on my skin which normally gets dry quickly with face scrubs. I don’t tend to go for scrubs on my face just because they normally leave my skin dry and it turns out more work than it’s worth.

In the mornings, this is my first cleanse. I use to to exfoliate the places where I get the most flaky dry skin on my nose and forehead. Then I follow this by using a more gentle cleaner such as as the Ren Gentle Cleansing Gel which I wrote about here or the No7 Cleansing Balm which I use all over my face and neck to get everywhere clean before putting my makeup on.

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Superdrug Blackhead Scrub Applied

What I have found with using this scrub is that it has made my makeup application so much better and this is mainly because unlike a normal cleanser it lifts all the dead skin so effectively rather than just moving it around or only getting the surface. I always have a good makeup day when I use the Superdrug Blackhead Scrub.

I thought I would include the Superdrug Blackhead Strips in this post because it’s all the same topic. These are one of those things that are OK but nothing special. I am on my second packet of these because I do one every three weeks but I can’t say these have ever really pulled any blackheads out. You can see some gunk here and there but nothing to make any difference. Saying this though, they do seem to work better on my boyfriend – maybe it’s the type of skin he has, I don’t know. I just find that the scrub is actually more effective than the strips so I do prefer to use that. Again, these were really cheap as well though at £2.69 so I can’t complain too much.

Have you tried these products or a different blackhead remover?


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