The Body Shop Vitamin C Day Cream

I am very much into day creams and I’m so glad that I decided to purchase this one. If I’m honest the only reason I bought it is because I was running out of my Ole Henriksen truth serum and it was bought out of sheer panic but I’m really happy that I did, it has so many good qualities.

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When I first tried this day cream I hated it. Everything about it just screams sun  cream but after using it for a while now I’ve grown to love it so much. The texture of cream is really thick but it absorbs super quickly on my skin but also spreads evenly as the same time. I have been putting this on under my foundation and I swear it is this that has been making it last throughout the day so well. I wouldn’t use this under makeup if you don’t like a glowy look just because it does still keep a kind of sheen under the surface.

One of the amazing qualities this product has is that is contains SPF 30. For me this is a massive plus for a day cream and you know you are going to stay protected from the sun and weathering on you face. I think of it as almost like a quick fix as it instantly moisturises my face, mixed with a long term protector as it will prevent aging from the sun.


As I said above, I wear this under my makeup and I actually wouldn’t want to wear it without makeup. My reason for this is that it leaves my face really quite shiny and sometimes depending on what kind of skin day I’m having it stings from the vitamin C and can make my face look slightly red and flushed for a little while but it goes eventually.

I love the smell of this cream! It has such a zesty summery scent and I always think of summer every time I put it on! I would say if you don’t like scented things on your face then this probably isn’t for you but it’s not something you can smell after a little while once it has sunk into your skin.

 Once this tube finishes I know that I will be replacing it with another one just because my skin seems to LOVE vitamin C products. Since I have been using my vitamin C serum and day cream every day my under-skin spots and red patches really have faded so much I even get compliments on how flawless my skin looks now which always shocks me! This is also a much cheaper alternative to the Ole Henriksen serum which is a plus for when I can’t afford it!

Do you use any vitamin C face products? Let me know what they are!


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