Makeup Revolution Strobe Cream VS Seventeen WOW Primer

I’m normally a powder highlight kinda gal but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try more cream products to just see how I get along with those. It’s actually been really nice using them and I have been pleasantly surprised with how I now feel about using them.

I decided to pick up two from Superdrug and Boots to try them out and see if I liked them. The ones I picked up were the Mur Ultra Strobe Balm by Makeup Revolution and Seventeen Skin WOW Primer and although I actually quite like both continue reading to find out my pros and cons for each. (Just so you know I don’t really heavily strobe hence why I use both as gentle highlights.)

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The packaging for both is really nice but I must say I don’t really like the pump on the WOW Primer but I think that’s mainly only because I have been given another option with Makeup Revolution’s tube. I found that after a couple of times using it there was left over product all over the inside of the lid and around the pump and it was just a bit too messy for my liking. I think it got everywhere just because it’s quite liquidy.

One thing I found really interesting is that the Makeup Revolution one comes out white to begin with and as you rub it onto your skin it turns more gold toned. A lot more than I expected and it kind of freaked me out. After using it a few times though I actually think I prefer it more because it blends really nicely and actually seems more natural under my foundation. With the Seventeen one you kind of get what you see and it does create a really lovely glow and you need such a tiny amount but it is just a bit more shimmery than I like to wear every day.

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Swatch on right hand side of wrist

I use both of these products under my foundation just because I prefer it and I think it works really well. Compared to using powder highlight, cream is so much more precise and I love that I can really highlight around the brow bone and on top of my cheeks so easily without worrying about getting excess powder everywhere all over my face. I must admit although the Seventeen one can be used as a primer I think the Makeup revolution one is more suited to prime because it has much more of a skincare product texture and scent which I love.

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Swatch on right hand side of wrist 

All in all I think it’s pretty obvious that I prefer the strobe cream to the Seventeen WOW Prime just because I’m talking every day makeup. I love that now the sun is out more and Summers just around the corner I can really experiment with highlight and think that I might actually have been converted to creams as opposed to powder.

Do you know of any higher end cream highlights that are worth trying?


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