Leighton Denny Miracle Mist

I received this spray in this months Glossy Box and it was probably the most exciting thing in the box to be honest, the box was so disappointing I might have to unsubscribe. Dramatic i know. Moving on I thought the concept of this spray was really interesting and I was dying to try it out straight away.

The Leighton Denny Miracle Mist is a speed drying spray for nail polish. As much as I love my nails and having them painted and looking lovely I’m one of those people who does one layer and goes to bed or something then in the morning I’m surprised that they’ve smudged. Shameful – I know. So I was actually hoping this will be the answer to all my problems!

DSCN0019 (2)

The packaging is really nice and slick and such a nice size so you can put it in your bag or even a holiday bag. When I first saw what this did I was a bit dubious as to whether it would leave like a residue around my fingers and nails or come out as a thick powder or something but it’s actually very light. The smell of this as well is so nice I was trying not to sniff it because obviously smelling aerosols is bad for you but I couldn’t help but do it anyway! One other thing I was worried about before using this was that it only has a normal spray top so I wondered if it would kind of just go all over the place but it didn’t turn out too badly!

The instructions on this says to paint your nails as normal and apply your top coat but to leave it for a minute to set and then spray the Miracle Mist on your nails from about 20cm away.


So the little lamb I am I followed the instructions and did as I was told. Now I don’t know if I was genuinely expecting miracles or not but it didn’t really have the result I was expecting. While I found this did speed the process up I don’t feel like it really saved me any time or helped my nails along to dry more evenly but didn’t actually make them dry which is kind of what I was hoping.

WP_20160418_18_25_46_Pro (2)

Hand with no top coat 

To test this out a bit more I tried using it with one hand with a top coat and the other hand without and I actually feel like it worked better on the one that didn’t have a top coat. I’m not sure if it’s because the top coat is thicker than normal varnish or what but it worked better for me without as you can see in the pictures. I mean it might be pure coincidence but the one with top coat was definitely a lot stickier! You can see from the photo below there are more smudges and dents in the polish.

WP_20160418_07_50_17_Pro (2)

Hand with no top coat

Overall, I’m not actually that impressed but this product. I don’t feel like it dried my nails any quicker than when I don’t use it. It says that you have to wait for a while anyway for the nail polish to set so for me I don’t see the point in then having to apply this spray. I don’t think I will be buying it again, I think it’s more one of those idealist products that is an amazing concept but can’t quite be brought to life.

Have you ever tried anything like this?


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