Sanctuary Spa Micellar Water

I picked up this micellar a little while ago when I bought some other bits from their range. I love practically everything they do and so does my mum so we always get through it quickly! I have tried this micellar a few times but I really just wanted to finish my Garnier one first because with things like this is annoys me to have 3 or 4 half empty bottles! (Please tell me other people get like that?!)

I did see a few weeks ago Sanctuary Spa ran a campaign for people to stop using wipes because they are bad for your skin so when you tagged them in a photo on Instagram with your wipes in the bin they would send you out one of their micellar waters. I don’t know how well it did but just thought I would mention it!

Edited 1

What I like about this one is that it foams when it dispenses so it feel super soft on your skin when you wipe it over your face. Depending on how much makeup I’m wearing I only actually need one cotton pad and one squirt of this because it spreads so nicely and you hardly have to apply pressure or even scrub at your face. The below photo is literally one pump so you can see how little you need to use. I can see this lasting a long time, probably even longer than my Garnier micellar which I love in a product.

Edited 2

Unlike other micellar waters the Sanctuary Spa one has a nice rose scented tint to it but not too over powering because I don’t usually like things that smell like strongly of rose.

The only negative thing I have found with this product is that it can leave my skin feeling slightly sticky which I think might be down to the rose but I’m not entirely sure and because of this I have only used this when I know I am not having a lazy evening and do a ‘proper’ face wash.

Overall I think I will continue to enjoy using this micellar in my evening routine but as long as it is used in a routine and not used alone just because I don’t like the sticky feeling it leaves afterwards.

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