April Look Fantastic Box #LFBLOOMS

I have been experimenting with different beauty box subscriptions for a while now just because I love receiving little ‘presents’ each month and not knowing what it will be inside!


You can definitely tell this is a Spring box from the cover and I love reusing these for storage and other bits so it’s always brilliant when it’s lovely colours. You get such a mixture of things from makeup to skincare and hair products which is what makes them so appealing.

This months Look Fantastic box contains mostly body products and moisturisers which I’m a big fan of because with Summer coming up it’s nice to fall in love with a product that will keep the frizz away in the heat or your skin from being flaky because no one wants to get those legs out when they’re flaking away!

Edited 1.jpg

In boxes, I have received so many items from brands I’ve never even heard of like the Briogeo hair mask in this box for example. Rituals is a favourite of mine so I know I will love the scrub but I have never used anything by Balance Me  so I am super excited to get using these different bits! Admittedly I have given away the MyVitamins  to my boyfriend as I don’t use things like that at all.

Overall, I’m really happy with this box and really looking forward to trying out new some new products! I would really recommend the Look Fantastic box as I feel like it’s such good value for money compared to some of the others.

What beauty boxes have you tried?


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