My Makeup Revolution Palettes

Makeup Revolution are one of my favourite drugstore makeup brands. They always have something new coming out and I’ve never been disappointed with the items I’ve bought and I personally think they have some really good dupes for some of the higher priced makeup products on the market at the moment. All of their products are really well priced which is always a bonus. I feel like they always include something in their palettes for everyone and for any occasion or mood which is lovely because it means if you’re travelling everything is just in one place and easy to use.

Makeup Rev Palettes

The firs palette I ever bought by Makeup Revolution is the Give them Nightmares one which I think is probably over a year old now but I’ve used so little of it because it’s one I only use on special occasions such as nights out or Halloween or something just because for me there aren’t everyday colours in there for me.

Give them Nightmares Palette

I love the blues and purples here and I was so surprised at how pigmented they are when I first used this. so you really only need a tiny amount because I find it picks up so easily on my brushes which I found out the first time I used it and virtually ended up looking like I had been punched in the face! It was only a mistake I made once. I also love the layout of this palette because it has the more shimmery colours and the matte ones at the bottom.


The Redemption Palette Iconic 2 (bottom left) includes some of my most used eye shadows in because I use nude shades the majority of the time for everyday makeup to work. Although there’s only a couple of matte shades there are some with less shimmer which it what makes them so wearable. I don’t like the most pale colours because they are just a bit chalky but the rest have really good cover and last me all day.

Fortune Favours the Brave. This palette (bottom right) was created and designed by British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham and is so amazing. When this finally arrived in the post I was just staring at it mesmerized because it truly is stunning and I’m so glad I took a picture before I started using it because it’s a bit messy looking now! What I like about it is not only the price (£9.99) but there is literally a colour here for everyone no matter what kind of person they might be. I love the size of eye shadows, for me they’re just right.

So that’s all of my Makeup Revolution Palettes. If you haven’t tried out anything by them I would really recommend them. I normally get most things from my local Superdrug but Makeup Revolution also offer delivery on their website but be prepared for it to take 10 days to 2 weeks for it to arrive.

I have just bought there strobing cream and new shimmer brick which I am just trying out at the moment and seeing how it compares to the Seventeen one I have so I will let you know!

What Makeup Revolution palettes do you have or want?


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