Intensely Rose Kiko Lipstick

I love Kiko. Anyone who’s been here before will know that I am massively in love with the majority of their items and I have never been disappointed by them. In this post I am going to be writing about one of their Smart Lipsticks that I bought in a hail recently whilst shopping in Westfield, Stratford. I feel like Kiko are one of these amazing brands that always have such good sales regularly and I’m sure I got this in one of their 5 items for £10 sales.


As most Kiko products do, this one also came in a simple black box which I like because it makes it feel like a high-end product. The actual casing is also in a textured matte black plastic shell but quite a sturdy plastic that makes it feel nice and sleek.

The lipstick I got is in the colour Intense Rose and this is honestly one of my favourite lipsticks right now, it’s such a pretty Spring shade. For me this colour is so wearable for not only day time but evening too. It’s a lovely rosey colour so Kiko really chose the name perfectly. The thing about this as well is that it isn’t too pink it literally is just the right amount of pink especially if you’re not too adventurous like me.

My first impressions of this were really good. I’m quite fussy with what I put on my lips because I don’t like a lot of textures that are too sticky or too drying or even too creamy. However the first time I wore it I hardly even remembered that I was wearing it which is brilliant because it felt so natural on my lips.

I have been really enjoying wearing this lipstick and look forward to wearing it many more times and trying out more of their colours.

What are your Spring lipsticks that you’re loving right now?


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