Obey Your Body – Natural Glow Nail Kit

Whilst away in Barcelona last week me and my boyfriend went shopping in a shopping centre in the port and as we were about to leave a rep came up to us from Obey Your Body I had never actually heard of Obey Your Body and on this particular day they were focused on nail care which is something I’m very into. After looking them up when I got home they seem to do a lot of skincare products too although I’m not sure I have the budget for most of them!!

This is definitely a pamper evening kinda kit. The kit comes in a lovely magnetic box and everything is laid out really nicely. It also wasn’t until I went onto the website that I realised they had other kits in this range too I have the Kiwi one which is really nice. As it was a special promotional offer I bought this for only €25.00 which works out as £19.47 which is less than half price!!

There are instructions on the back of the box of how to use this set as it comes with a block nail file that has three different textured files that do different things. My favourite side is the buffing file and I just love the natural shine it gives to my nails.

Above you can see my nails before I filed and buffed them and the two photos on the right show my nails after they have been buffed and the different is so amazing. I love the shine and smoothness my nails have after doing this.

I always love filing and buffing my nails followed by washing them and finally applying the hand cream. This kit comes with an extra luxury bonus of cuticle oil, you literally apply this to the edges of your nails and let it soak in for a couple of minutes. After you have done all this you can either leave your nails or paint them.

I have enjoyed adding this into my pamper routine because it’s another way to relax and just really give some time to yourself.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried any of the Obey Your Body skincare, is it worth the money?


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